Tuesday, October 03, 2006

OFF-TOPIC: Egyptians in the Grand Canyon?

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Dedicated to our Resident Archaeologist, Tom Wright

A short comment in the God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot story below this one seems to have gotten the interest of those "Anything Arizona" enthusiast - of which I am one.

Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark seems to have nurtured an already existent Conspiracy Theory that The Government whom we all trust and hold Sacred combined with the Archaeological Elite and The Church [pick one, they are all the same] are keeping a HUGE chunk of history from us.

Look at the pic above.... just above the waterline of the Colorado at flood stage, right? Kinda like The Valley Of The Kings in Egypt? (now underwater). Nahhhhhh some crazy miner with a pickaxe just spotted some color in the canyon wall and went after it.. right.. maybe back in the 1800's? Probably?


Check the arch. PEAKED like in the classic Egyptian style. and a SCULPTED peak, too. Not something you can do with a case of dynamite and a Boy Scout hatchet. Also the peaked arch SEEMS to be carved into a stone that has beem dressed and FITTED into the canyon wall in a lock-fit fashion.. like it's important that the peak be exactly verticle at the opening.......... and where are all the tailings. The work debris?

There are ancient mines in Sycamore Canyon, worked by the indians long ago AND a legendaty "hidden" pyramid said to be buried in the hills of Sycamore Canyon visible from the air.

It's an interesting story and a good read if you can dodge the paranoid aspect of Conspiracy Theory. Then again if it is NOT a conspiracy theory and you CAN avoid the mental traps and pitfals, Hey wait up.... I'd like to follow you!


Tom Wright said...

Horse puckies. That's Stanton's Cave, a well-known feature in Marble Canyon, just above Vasey's Paradise. Robert Euler, then the official archaeologist for Grand Canyon National Park, conducted excavations there in the late 1960s. They found evidence of human use going back several thousand years, including split-twig figurines: well-crafted images of mountain sheep and other animals, each made from a single, long strip of bark or green wood ingeniously wrapped and twisted around itself to form the body, head, legs, tail, etc. Most of these figurines were pierced by a single, sharp sliver of wood through the body. They were probably used in hunting rituals: creating an image of the animal, then ceremonially "spearing" it, would guarantee good luck in the hunt. As for the Egyptian arch: most Grand Canyon rock is heavily faulted and fractured, and it falls off in angular slabs that form whatever shapes you want to see in them. "Gee, that one looks like a horse's head, over there is one that looks like the front grill of a '49 Chevy, and that one over there reminds me of an unspeakable but fascinating sexual act. Gotta remember that when I get home." Anyway, Stanton's Cave has been thoroughly explored by archaeologists. No Egyptians, just Native Americans who thrived under difficult conditons a few dozen centuries before Columbus "discovered" America.

Tom Wright said...

PS - there's a whole library's worth of sensationalistic archaeological frauds that were used to pump up the readership of newspapers in the early 20th century. They were no more true then than the tabloid stories of Brittney's love child with Satan, or Angelina Jolie being an alien sent from Saturn to destroy the earth's male population, are today. Just because something made it way into print doesn't mean it's true. Doesn't the Arizona Republic prove that on a daily basis???

freespeak@gmail.com said...

My God, Tom...... Are you trying to tell me that Angelina Jolie is NOT an alien?

Thanks, Tom.


Tom Wright said...

No no no, I didn't say she wasn't an alien. (I mean, those lips... come on, they're clearly not human.) I just said she's not from Saturn. That leaves other possibilities that have yet to be proven or disproven. Don't tell anyone, but Brad Pitt is actually part of a carefully-controlled scientific experiment, for which he is being well-paid. (What, you hought it was for his acting???) He reports to me daily via encrypted messages but I'm not at liberty to disclose their contents. Just keep an eye on the supermarket tabloids... THEY'RE ALL TRUE!!!

freespeak@gmail.com said...

Yes but Tom, where there is smoke.... I had not considered Angelina Jolie as anything more than the usual Botox and fat-injected Hollywood Starlet trying to look like Goldie Hawn but NOW you have aroused my syspicions! Thus, being aroused, I G00gled Angelina Joie for pictures and became even MORE aroused. The EYES Tom.. the eyes tell it all I think. Like the lips, the eyes are NOT NORMAL and NOW I am REALLY aroused. I mean to the point that I need to prove this to myself with a real-time in-person inspection of her personal features. I don't wanna talk to her or anything, I just wanna be close enough for a few hours, to see for myself. Sha MAY be one of the Lizard People in disguise.

And as regards Brad Pitt - have you heard about him and Tom Cruise?


Mariah Fleming said...

You guys are hilarious. Tom, the info you presented was fascinating, and part of what intrigues me about you is your interest in archaeology. My husband Ray is really into that stuff. We went to a cave in France at NAUX and saw beautiful drawings of bison and stuff that were 10,000 to 15,000 years old according to the archaeologist guide. It was REALLY cool. And a testament to true love, because I am (was!) a full fledged claustrophobic. It cured me!

Ray didn't tell me how far in we climbed or that they shut a HUGE steel bunker type door behind us at the entrance until we got back out in the Pyrenees sunshine.

In the first part of the cave there was graffitti from a guy who signed it in 1604. There was grafitti about Napolean Bonaparte too! it was
incredible, I was so impressed! The guide told us that the broken or 'missing' stalactites were stolen by hoi polloi cave 'tourists' who took them back to their homes as a sign of status.

After we were in quite a long ways we saw the bison and other animals, and what the guide said was most likely an 'altar' used for some kind of ritual (not ritual sacrifice, just ritual as in cave man community I guess!) It was truly the most moving experience from our trip.

Tom Wright said...


Enough talk about your arousal. Who do think you are, a family-values Congressman from Florida? Now cut it out and say no more or I'll have to report you to Dennis Hastert for a very stern slap on the wrist.


Mariah Fleming said...

It has been reported that Dennis Hastert much favaors giving a slap on the butt. This report is not yet confirmed or denied.

Depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is.

Bruce Frank said...

This whole conversation is aroussing, have we reached 13,000 hits yet.... keep it up boys, thats what Hastert would say!
it worked for the, Republic.
love and laughter

freespeak@gmail.com said...

Tom's cautionary statement has quieted me, reminded me that there may be under-age children reading this blog. Thanks Tom. My son is fully grown now and about to turn 21 next St. Ptrick's Day so he is already informed and aware.

Tom is right. We must maintain the American Judeo/Christian Secret whereon our Family Values are based.

It is important that children - for as long as is possible - have no fucking idea how they got here.