Saturday, October 07, 2006

Whatcha see is what ya get - Also, whatcha DON'T see

Scanned from the CD case cover of Led Zepplin's "Latter Days".
It is a 1990's photo taken by Hubble [who some are trying to shut down - probably because we are seeing TOO MUCH]. Don't think about this too much, you might quit your job.

It is an entire galaxy - a galactical "Cloud" if you would.

Take a fly speck or drop a ball-point pen anywhere on the picture. That dot would represent ALMOST the size of our solar system. Imagine how tiny and insignificant we are in this picture.

"Stairway To Heaven" besides all the drug-related and/or philosophical and/or sexual connotations, has like almost all music - a deeper meaning.

This image under normal or even telescopic magnification, is completely invisible to the human eye. The Hubble picture was taken with a LIGHT-SHIFTED camera, deep within the ultra-violet range, the only way we could ever "see" this. Ever.

Even the 10% of the brain we are allowed to use can BARELY embrace the sight and concept. The translation to our field of color recognition is all within the technology of Hubble.

But hey - if a CAMERA can do it, can we not do it as well? Perhaps we already do but are agreed to not speak of it. Because then, you get into spooky stuff and that is just socially unnacceptable.

God is Alive.

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