Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ships passing in the night----------A psychic study

I am positioning this entry right at the top so we can open a dialoge of commentary regarding psychic experiences. I do believe that ultimatley, that is what Bill Compton and the entire KCAC/KCKB experience was really all about.

We all have psychic experiences in our own ways. Some of us have lucid dreaming experiences, some have real-time real-life encounters such as Mariah did at the passing of Bill. You can read about it in the archives of the blog, if you wish. In my case with the passing of Bill, it was an automatic writing experience.

I am not telling ghost stories, here. Christ in his teachings, seemed to be PREPARING us for the next stage of our personal development and growth as we (re)unite with our own Godhead and the awakening of our psychic perceptions and telepathic abilities. We are like chicks emerging from our eggs at the point of "death" as it were, as we unite with and become an integral part of The Flock within The Godhead. Bill's sign-off mantra "Thou Art God" while borrowed directly from "StrangerIn A Strange Land", was a straightforward statement of fact. Without touting it and perhaps without realizing it, Bill was probably one of the most advanced and influential "preachers" The Valley had seen in a long time. Sorry churches, but I don't see a lot of difference between you and Wal-Mart.
More often than not, I have psychc experiences that are based entirely on FEELINGS like a blind man in an elevator, groping his way through time and space. I feel the person rather than talk to them or experience communication in other ways.

The experience I had this morning was like that. There I was in my cocoon, stumbling around to the bathroom and back. The time was 5:06 AM CST and I was ready to drift off again when suddenly I felt an overwhelming presence close gently around me. It was Dwight. No question. The straightforwardness, the blunt honesty of his personality and the unquestionable acceptance of what is were all there. Am I describing him correctly?

I haven't had an experience like it since my daughter Summer Rose died a few months after the 1996 KCAC/KDKB reunion.

It's nice to know that Dwight's soul and spirit are free and like any other surprise experience, it kinda scared me at first.

Surprise, Ron - you just got hugged.

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UPDATE from Marty's mailbox posted by Julia, in email to The List. Hope it's OK to post it here, I suspect many others would want to read this as well.

message dated 11/11/06 10:37:05 AM US Mountain Standard Time,

<< Brighton Gardens >>
Dwight was out of the ICU today, but still not cognizant. He is to be moved to Brighton Gardens hopefully at some time today as they are holding a room
for him. It is on the SE corner of Thomas and 60th Street. 480-949-2400.

I took an Eric Clapton CD to play while I was there. It was nice to return the gift of music that Dwight delighted in giving If anyone else plans on stoppin in, after his move, you might want to think about bringing something down to play while you are there.

hikerTed said...

The address is:
Hospice of the Valley
Brighton Gardens
6001 E. Thomas
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Mariah Fleming said...

Oh Ron,
Your post brought a lump to my throat that I think is going to end in crocodile tears. Speechless, for once, just so damned sad. You know what you experienced and I am glad to know you did. It makes life seem less like looking through mud and more like looking through a heavy rain.
Loving you all...

Mariah Fleming said...

BTW, I think it would be good to put the actual date on your post. Lots of people are reading this and it is least to me.

And I am certain no one else will post from the back end to take your post off the top, it is so important to all of us...

But considering everything perhaps it's especially important to post real time dates. I know your intentions are good, but it is confusing. What do you think?

God is Alive, Magic is Afoot
(and we are all past 40 and easily confused so have mercy!)

Jimmy said...

I have to agree with Mariah on this point. This artificial assignment of post dates creates a mechanism where anyone can jockey for top position on the blog, and it becomes hard to find the true recent posts. I also think the List works better in the sidebar - an invaluable resource, sure, but it's not the latest news or information, which should be the first thing we see.
Just my two cents.

vagabondvet said...


I put a link to The List back in the sidebar.