Friday, November 24, 2006

1955-1960 R&R HITS JUKEBOX

A website has been set up, streaming OLD O-L-D R&R hits for those of you that remember gasoline when it was 19 cents per gallon AND when cigarettes were 19 cents per pack and when bread was 19 cents per loaf and when QUARTERS were made of real silver and RANG when you flipped them in the air for heads or tails.

Remember? Hmmmmmmmm. You must have been pre-orgasm at the time.

At any rate The Briarcliff Manor High School Class of 1960 Reunion Juke Box is online and contains over 400 of the hits that helped your mamma and daddy make YOU possible in the back of that 1949 Chevy.

THE VERY FIRST SONG is "Honky-Tonk" by Bill Doggett!!!! Not just PART 1 but also the flip, PART 2!!!!!! THAT is the real test of authenticity! Try the same test on "What'd I Say" by Ray Charles.

This is not your father's Oldsmobile.
The streams are not CD quality BUT THERE WERE NO CD'S when you were in the sperm/egg category of evolution.

My only beef is that you can't stack a playlist like on a real jukebox but then, you don't have to spend a whole quarter for three songs, either.


CLICK THE HEADLINE to remember what you may have heard in the womb.

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