Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Danny Zelisko's radio tribute to Dwight

Danny Zelisko has provided a copy of his entire radio tribute to Dwight Tindle from last Sunday and we've got it here for your listening enjoyment, courtesy Krazy Dog Krazy Boy radio.
Open the playlist in a new window here.
You can also stream the whole show to your usual MP3 player, or download the show.


Lowell Hollars said...

Thanks Jimmy and Danny

But is something wrong with the Part 4 file? It's only 123 kb in file size (about 1/100 the size of the other 6 files), and essentially blank, least on my computer.

Lowell said...

I listened to all the files last night and this morning, so thanks again Danny and Jimmy for posting them at this KCAC site. A great show, lots of excellent music and reminiscing by friends of Dwight Tingle. My only regret is that the tribute wasn't about 10 times longer.

Jimmy said...

Files have been corrected so that all 6 parts can be downloaded in one ZIP archive, or played in sequence using the player (which opens in a new window). Enjoy!