Friday, November 03, 2006

MORPHINE! Dwight Tindle 480 323-**** & SATURDAY 11/04/2006 UPDATE

Just talked to Dwight. Good sprits but rough shape. One cancerous kidney that he will probably lose, plus lacerations to spinal tissue due to the cancer. The very mention of morphine should tell you that it hurts. It was a hoot talking to him after all these years and there was some good times to remember.

In my view and memory, I recall Dwight coming to visit me in The Blue Bus to invite me to come on board KDKB back in what - 1971? Geeze I got a great memory except for the times when I wasn't high. I do remember "How Can You Be in Two Places At Once - When You're Not Anywhere At All" by The FireSign Theater, around that time. 'Nuff said. Like me, Dwight is mostly disabled and getting around is a chore, which is why he too, opted out of the Aluwn Party.

Dwight is a bit groggy from the morphine which keeps him on the edge of woozy. He can't share it with you but you can probably get a contact high and he would love to hear from you!

Dwight Tindle
Scottsdale Memorial North Room ####
Direct: 480 323-****


Dwight has been moved to another room at the hospital. I strongly suggest you call before visiting in case they are doing tests. The direct phone number is different so I suggest you call the operator and ask to be connected.

He was in good spirits early this afternoon.

Scott Jones

Poster published originally in Rebirth - Phoenix' underground newspaper, shared by Bruce Frank.

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