Thursday, November 02, 2006


Hi all.. I am back for a brief visit. Gotta go back to the hospital Tuesday maybe for just a day, maybe longer.

The roto-rooter project got delayed by the heart bypsasses in 1998 and I will likely get a pacemaker soon. To makle a long, boring story even longer and more boring, I flat-lined on the operating table the other day and had to postpone the rest of the story. No White Light no near-death experience, they just woke me up to tell me I had technically died for a little bit. There you have it. Dead Man Walking. Gotta go back for heart cathater, then probably a pacemaker and more peanut butter.

This is like overhauling an engine while it is running.

MEANWHILE watching cable TV is an educsation! CNN is using the "Broken Government" analogy as a feature title and the concept I have been touting here on the blog about not voting has other supporters as well. Checking out It seems an adsolutely fertile ground containing aboutt 45% of the population who are undecidied and determined to stay that way. That is an AWESOME if disorganized Silent Majority.

That's how it SEEMS until you go there and discover it is a cover for a voter informstion program sponsored by AARP.

Damn......... And I thought there was A CHANCE.

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Respect4u said...

Wow Ron!!! While I am voting on Tuesday (against AZ Prop 107 for starters) I will definitely send up a HUGE vote and personal petition to "The Alive One" and to Archangel Rapheal to watch over and protect you and Dwight Tindle through your hospital trials and beyond to total wellness. This vote is etched in stone and guaranteed to have no hanging chads or hidden agendas.

God is Alive. Magic is Afoot. Ron and Dwight are well. It is so! Amen!