Saturday, November 04, 2006


THEY ARE SMART. They are too damned smart But they are not STREETWISE and sooner or later they will be found out and turned out.

They are ALL OVER the high-traffic areas of the Internet, including Blogger, email portals and anywhere they can penetrate your computer's defenses. I suspect they may be the reason why we haven't heard from Mariah or Bob Gately or several others lately.

Hijacked. Your browser is no longer under your control. Here are the symptons:

1. Your mouse arrow gets sluggish or jerky or freezes up. That's your first tip. Somebody else is in control.

2. Hit Ctrl/Alt/Delete to bring up your Task Manager. "Task Manager has been disabled by your System Administrater" That's your Operating System - usually YOU but you are no longer in control.

3. While this is going on and in the background your firewall may be trying to give you a blocked message that someone is tryng to upload a program like MEGABLAST.EXE which sounds like a harmless game or something. Among all the other stuff, your PASSWORDS are being stripped from your Windows Auto-Password cache and are now the property of whomever.

UNPLUG YOUR COMPUTER OR SWITCH IT OFF A soft shutdown will not work. Shut that sucker down.

PROTECTION FROM ASSHOLES is no easier on the Internet than at Wal-Mart.



Run them often till the boys on the street can help. Sooner or later an asshole makes a very messy mistake.



Anonymous said...

Highly recommend adding "Hijack This" to the arsenal. Considered by many to be a must have infection killer. Do a Google search for more info. Requires a bit of skill to use, but is often the only way to kill some of the more agressive infections out there.

vagabondvet said...

I second that! "Hijack This" is an essential weapon in the arsenal, and as Ron so eloquently reminds us, an arsenal is what we need to keep things running smoothly, or sometimes running at all. Threats are rampant. Lots of good resources for information and downloads on the Computing Links page on my site, for those interested or just curious...