Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Newly-Discovered KCAC Tape

Thanks to Patrick Lange, we now have a "new" (previously uncirculated) tape of Bill Compton on the air at KCAC on November 14, 1970. It's an hour long and it includes music ranging from Judy Collins to the Mothers of Invention, along with several live-in-the-studio songs from Michael Collins. There are also some vintage commercials, one of which has Marty doing a remote broadcast from a clothing store and engaging in some pretty funny back-and-forth banter with Bill in the studio. I've already converted the tape to CD but will pass it along to Andy Olson, who may be able to get a better transfer. This will be a terrific addition to the growing KCAC/KDKB archive. Thank you, Patrick; and the rest of you, keep digging through those closets, attics, and garages - I know there's more out there!


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