Tuesday, November 07, 2006

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November 7, 2006

Just Released:

Internationally traveling lecturer Dr Carl Hammerschlag, community healer and Patch Adams co-hart, has given permission to send this blog-link about last months Alwun House art fest... and encouragement to attend the friday's momentous, where he will be sharing a moment on stage.
Just click the headline above.

Kimber Lanning was impressed and acknowledged the depth of artistic representation at Alwun House through First Friday, Dec 1; Viewing Tue - Fri, 12 -6pm. free

A retrospective of artists supporting non-profit Alwun House; Downtown's first art gallery and contemporary artspace. As Mayor Phil Gordon proclaimed Friday, Nov 10, Alwun House Day, you're invited to Downtown's longest sustained art community incubator's 35th year celebration: There'll be too many festivities and talents and stories to convey here (see web - www.alwunhouse.org) - SO, get in a festive mood and come meet folks who've been part of downtown art spaces, who've sadly seen artspaces and art cliques come and go, but always knew they have a warm place in Phoenix' "heart of arts" - regardless of where in the world they've grown to exhibit since (Russia, Japan, Bali, Mexico, nearly every hot art spot in U.S. - you get the picture).

Today's new talents join Alwun's 35 year celebration; maybe you'll be inspired that Phoenix has finally become a successful emerging arts mecca; and by support your local arts community, and we'll inspire and enliven you.

Be well, and speak kindly of each other.

God Is Alive - Magic Is Afoot
-Leonard Cohen, 1969
I might ad lib; "Art is Alive - Magic Is Afoot!"
-Kim Moody, Alwun House

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