Monday, November 13, 2006

Dwight Tindle has passed

email from Dave Deerhake.
Ron 1:53 PM CST

Dwight slipped out of this world today, he will be missed. Got the news about an hour ago, thought you should know.



Scott Jones said...

Dwight's brother called me and said the funeral will be at the 7th Day Adventist Church on 56th Street and Camelback.

It will be Sunday at an exact time to be determined.

Tom Wright said...

Thanks for the news, and please post further details as they become available. The service will bring together much of the old KCAC/KDKB community, and I hope we can find a way to respectfully incoporate this event into the ongoing historical project. If there's a reception afterwards, do you think it would be OK with Dwight's family if we (meaning probably Ken Beals or me) do some unobtrusive audio/video recording of people willing to share their memories and stories about Dwight's role in Phoenix radio? Or maybe some of us could get together privately after the service, somewhere nearby, to do this in a way that wouldn't impose on Dwight's family at this difficult time. Please let me know what you think. Thanks,

Tom Wright

PS - wonders never cease. I just received a note from a complete stranger offering to give me a tape of Bill Compton on the air at KCAC on November 14, 1970. He's going to deliver it to me today, precisely 36 years after it was originally broadcast. said...

TOM.. I'd say go for it but ask his mom or brother, first. Last thing Dwight said to me while we were joking about the morphine was; "My life is an open book".

Rock on.