Thursday, November 30, 2006

OFF-TOPIC: Spice; The Phinal Frumteer

PICTURE: From a newspaper article about a museum in South America where this skull is under 24-hour armed guard. Story has it that the skull was part of a shipment of mummies from Egypt in the 1930's and was discovered just decades ago.

You will remember - or maybe not -
months ago when NASA was bragging about sending a satellite with optics strong enough to read a license plate, to Mars. October at the latest. October. Seemas as if it were only yesterday.........

Norman Brydon who writes under the pen name of Storm - nicknamed "Stormin' Norman" in the writing community - has devoted the last several years of his life to writing and reporting on space events of all kinds, particulaly scrutinizing images from Mars. It is no secret that NASA can take a picture of a refrigerator on Mars and call it a Photographic Anomaly.

But what happened to October?

Click the headline.


Tom Wright said...

Damn. Once again I prepared a lengthy and eloquent response, arguing for scientific inquiry and against internet hoaxes, now matter how amusing they may be. And once again the blog refused to accept my posting and it disppeared into cyberspace, never to be seen again. Just digital dust in the wind, like a bad 70's song by Kansas. Anyway, can we stay on-topic (music, community, love, shared history, sex & drugs & rock & roll) and leave the rest to private emails, please?

Tom said...

Tom this is only a rumor as in "Wag The Dog" - a rumor mind you, that the CIA/FBI/Homeland Security and other factions both government and Corporate (which IS The Government) have been gathering data for the last few years on SPAMmers and Hackers who lurk in the servers that Blogger and a few other high-traffic websites are akin to. The rumor is, that a program of assasinations is about to begin, eliminating (controling) the Western World hackers and SPAMmers from the Internet so that the agencies can tackle third world and middle eastern (read China) sponsored hackers, head on. Apparently there are many, many cyber-punks being paid under the table to rat out the "Fast Guns" of the hacker world. If all this actually happens, we can begin to function again without the obnoxia of browser hijacks which has cost many of us some very good data and time. Asassination. Coming to a CPU near you. Better than Civil War, eh?


Regards to off-topic posts; I thought about a line DEDICATING the Mars story to Bill Compton but had second thoughts. He was a great fan of scinece fiction which is now becoming fact. I do believe he would guide us into this knowledge, were he here.

That is my ratioinale for scaring the Willy out of readers with the pictures and reports of "outside" reality.

Thus Sprach Zarathustra;
Thou Art God.
Also Sprach Zarathustra.


Tom Wright said...


I was responding primarily to the image you attached to your message. It seems to have nothing to do with what you actually talked about. It does not (in spite of your comment) scare the Willy out of me, and it does not represent an "oustide" reality. Here's what it is: (1) a Photoshopped hoax, or (b) the skeletal remains of a child who suffered from an Elephant Man-like bone disease and who lived a very short, painful life. (Looks like fetal bones to me, meaning the mother almost certainly died in agony before or during childbirth.) If the former, you're attaching unmertited significance to a fraudulent image. If the latter, you're using the physical remains of a dead child to attract attention to your posting. I'll refrain from further editorializing here, and suggest again that we stay on-topic. said...

Thrust and parry, Tom.

Anthropology is certainly not my interest here, Tom and like you, I'll sidestep the temptation to debate the issue, but if you close-up the picture you will see the many hundreds of dots that we now call pixels... that made up the half-toned picture (classic zinc-plate print) scan of the newspaper photo. This image was several years old when I got it, several years ago. Comparing the size to the skull on the right, I would have to venture a guess the child was at least three years old at death.

I can only share in good faith, what was likewise shared with me.

I am admittedly, a gawdawful mind-fuck but don't let that distract you from being mind-fucked by others as well.

By the way, I agree that the Dixie Chicks ARE cuter by far than Bruce Springsteen - AND poliically more accurate.

What does that have to do with Free Thought?




Mariah Fleming said...

Hey you two,
I think it's really interesting to have such diverse points of view on the blog!! So if you don't mind, I don't think anyone else does (but I can only speak for myself of course)

Personally I don't know if the government is smart enought and well organized enough to pull off such a plot. This is the same government that appointed a congressman to head the Commission on the Internet who said (paraphrasing to the best of my memory)

"The internet is a series of tubes that messages get sent to you through. Sometimes I don't even get what people send me! Why, just yesterday I got some internets that took a week to arrive"

Mariah Fleming said...

PS Tom, email me your next long post if you want and I'll see if I can post it so it won't disappear. That happened to me once, too. I don't recall what I was doing wrong but it was something insignificant in and of itself...