Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Good Times Remembered

For you new readers or those seeking details..... Dwight Tindle has passed from this world. With his ashes, he leaves a huge legacy of musical and personal warm memories. You can donate to his mom via PayPal by using the [Donate To Dwight] button to the left on the page masthead AND a separate, more personal, less visible Caring Bridge site has been set up by Mariah Fleming. I suggest using either of those. The Caring Bridge site is

OR you can just click the headline above, to go there

The service is at 3:00 PM on Sunday November 19th. He has been cremated so it is a memorial only.

Camelback Seventh Day Adventist Church
5902 E. Camelback Road, located next to the Phonecian resort.

There will be a reception with a meal at the church following the memorial service for Dwight. The family asks you put cash or check donations in the box available at the memorial in lieu of flowers or food. They request that no food be brought for obvious reasons.

Dwight's mom is holding up pretty well and she is assisted by Bill Smith of the church. Bill can be reached at *****Deleted for security purposes******if you would like to get feed back or discuss anything with the family.

Bill Smith of Dwight's church has asked if anyone wants to do a musical tribute or be listed in the program as a speaker.

There will also be an open mic situation for people who want to say something but not necessarily be an official part of the program.

*****Deleted for security purposes******.

Thank you.
Scott Jones

Ken Beals is doing a video tribute to Dwight and would like ANY photos, videos, home videos, etc they might be able to include in the tribute.

Ken's phone number is *****Deleted for security purposes******

Also please know that I recorded a 2+ hour tribute to Dwight that will run on KDKB at 11pm this Sunday on Krazy Dog Krazy Boy 93.3 KDKB....Dwight Karma Broadcasting. Please listen in. I think it came out really great.
Danny Z

Bill Smith contacted me today and asked me to help in collecting and perhaps writing a Life Sketch of Dwight. According to Bill, a Life Sketch is a detailed and personal biography that would be read at the memorial service...preferably by someone like Marty Manning.....are you reading this Marty .... David Fennimore...Russ...Danny...(or any one else with heart and vocal abilities.)
But before you all call each other (*****Deleted for security purposes****** we need information/anticdotes/experinces with or about Dwight that you would like to be included.
I will be calling some of you soon, as well as some other people Bill asked me to contact. Any words or advice is most welcomed...of course perhaps our English Professor/The Ameba should be placed in command here.....what do you think David?


I spoke with Bill and agreed to read the Life Sketch on Sunday. So everyone else .. let's get those stories going!

I just talked to Mariah. She will be writing the Life Sketch. So this is an
official request for information/anticdotes/facts/and experiences from
everyone that Mariah might include in Dwight's Life Sketch. If you have already
posted at thank you.....if not, you may wish to post there or respond to this email to me, so I can compile your contributions for Mariah. Please feel free to forward this to anyone who is not
currently on the list who you believe would like to be included.


There's a couple of really good pictures of Dwight, along with Eric H. and Marty, at KDKB's 30th Anniversary party. It's on the website, where they have made mention of Dwight's passing.

Here's the link:


Bill Smith of Dwight's church wants some idea of how many people outside the church will attend the memorial and the reception. My guess was there would be around 200 people that would attend this memorial and reception.

The have requested that everyone RSVP how many in your party will attend the memorial and the reception.

Please RSVP:

Thank you.

Would anyone be able to put together by this Friday a 3 or 4 paragraph bio on Dwight Tindle that will be the platform used to build the tribute video ?

Here is a sample from AMEHOF (Az. Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame) :


Ken Beals

RE: Dwight's homepage: All over his B&W picture there are hidden links, kinda like looking at the cover for "Sgt. Peppers".... [rw]
Slagge says some of the secret links can be found in the knot to his tie, the fingernail to his index finger, etc.

Here's a link to today's Scottsdale Tribune's article:

Liz Boyle
FROM SCOTT JONES 4:15 PM CST 11/16/2006

Bill Smith has asked if everyone can donate what you can to help with incidentals. Bill said she was not going to place a paid obituary due to the high cost. Bill assured her that different people have offered to help offset that and some of her other incidental costs incurred since Dwight entered the hospital.

Nancy O'Reilly*****Deleted for security purposes******
Thank you.
FROM KEN BEALS 4:44 PM CST 11/16/2006

Dear Friends of Dwight ~

Given the brief window to assemble Dwight's tribute video I would like to invite as many of you who knew Dwight from near or afar to share a recollection, anecdote or story on tape.

The Alwun House has graciously made available the House tomorrow, Friday Nov. 17th from 6 - 8pm. as a meeting place.

If you are able to drop by anytime between 6 -8pm please drop me a "rsvp" via this email.
As well if you have a newpaper article, picture(s), KDKB bumper sticker or anything please bring those with you and I'll scan those onto video right there.

Look forward to seeing you at the Alwun House.

warm wishes,


below is a mapquest link to Alwun House:



We are wondering if any of you have the original vinyl of Buffalo Springfield, with the album cover, and also if anyone has an old portable turntable. Can you let us know? If you could bring them to Alwun House tomorrow, that would be great...or we can have someone pick them up.


I have been coordinating between Dwight's long time friends, his family and church friends. A number of people have stepped up to the "plate".

Yesterday I got a call from Bill Smith (not the minister) from Dwight's church asking me to contact people for things regarding the memorial. Dwight's mom was hesitant to purchase an expensive AZ Republic obituary but Bill assured her that people would help. The obituary written by Mariah and Julia appeared in this morning's Republic. Hopfeully the AZ Republic will print a news article about Dwight. The East Valley Tribune printed an article yesterday.

There have been numerous efforts such as the Pay Pal account that goes to Dwight' bank account. Slagge will be helping Dwight's mom with the contributions from the account.

I gave out Nancy O'Reilly's address for those folks that want to mail a check along with a sympathy card. Believe it or not some of us "boomers" don't have a computer or are hesitant to do more than send e-mails over the internet.

Carole Glenn Compton and Danny Zelisko have stated that we need to find out what Dwight's mom will need down the road. My suggestion is some of us meet with Bill Smith from the church and find out how much help Dwight's mom needs.

Danny has also helped ease Nancy's immediate concerns over the costs accumulated recently with a generous pledge.

Along with our personal contributions a fund raising event/ concert might be another way to show the community cares.

Please see information below:

Nancy O'Reilly*****Deleted for security purposes******
Bill Smith: *****Deleted for security purposes******
Thank you.
Scott Jones

Friends of Dwight ~

Just as a simple follow-up, want to welcome any of you who knew Dwight, shared a laugh a tear an experience/event with him and would like to share on tape so we can weave it into the Tribute video please feel free to drop by the Alwun House anytime tonight between 6 - 8pm.

I will actually be there earlier (around 4pm) if that works better for your schedule.

A few were able to rsvp from the original request, thanks and look forward to meeting with you. If anyone else is available please shoot over a quick rsvp via this email.

[SEE "The List" rw]


ps : if you have any pictures, newspaper clippings etc of Dwight or are connected to him please bring those with you and I can put those onto video right there. thnx - kb

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 10:49:30 -0700


Ron [Harris] was last seen heading for Encino, CA wearng deck shoes and a yachting
cap .. as well as a belt with little anchors on it. He used the name Eric because that was his middle name, and maybe because YOU were Ron as well. And Poppa Eric had a nice feel to it.

Ron called Gary Kinsey who was at the time hanging out in NYC (ask me about THAT story sometime!) and told him to get his ass back to Phoenix to join the staff at KCAC. Gary had previuosly done a brief news stint at KOY, which did not suit him well. When he got back here he was reluctant to use his real name on the air as there may have been a collection agency or two looking for that guy. He needed a name. We were at Peggy Nichols' house looking for a name and peggy had a copy of Wind in the Willows. I believe it was Peggy, browsing through the book, who suggested "What about Toad Hall?!"

And the rest as they say, is history.

Marty (Earthworm) Manning
aka Secret Squirrel

Marty Manning Productions*****Deleted for security purposes******~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Nancy and I are still working on the 'lifesketch'...a daunting honor..(o: .the affection expressed for him is astounding - we want you all to feel good about his 'lifesketch' - there's SO much material. Please know we are reading everything, compiling and doing our best in the spirit of love to Dwight and all his friends.



I just rec'd this from Bill Smith from the church. Recently Alwun House had offered to host an informal gathering of Dwight's friends after the services.
From: "William Smith"
> Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 18:43:05 -0800
> Mariah;
> Thank you all for your generous offer regarding the use of the Alwun
>House after Dwight's memorial and dinner. Nancy was feeling the
> pressure in providing a place for those to go who still wanted to be
> together and visit. This will definitely relieve her from that. Thank
> you again.
> Bill

Well, this evening the video tribute was shot at Alwun House and Kim Moody once again graciously extended the hospitality of Alwun House to Dwight's family and friends. So it's there for us on Sunday from 4pm to whenever. NO pressure or expectations. If no one shows it's ok too. Kim mentioned there are two markets nearby-Safeway for the Piinot Grigio crowd and a Mexican Market for the Dos Equis and Negro Modelo bunch. (o: Alwun House has a beautiful big backyard, lots of tables and chairs and great atmosphere to talk and jam (there is an outside stage) The weather is gorgeous.

Bill expects 200 parishoners for Dwight's service and reception in addition to us. At the reception hall they'll serve dinner (!) and afterwards, who knows? If you're curious take a look at It's in a historic home in an old neghborhood at 12th Street and Roosevelt. That's about 10 to 15 minutes from 56th and Camelback. (I can imagine Lissa exclaiming to Dwight and the gang as they watch us all, " Geez, it's a no brainer!" )

FROM JULIA [Julie Flannigan] 11/18/2006 9:55AM CST

Just a note.......Mariah discovered that the paper printed Dwight's Obituary
with a couple of typos.....She is having them rerun it correctly this

Make way for Mariah....there is no stopping her....Many thanks!


Anyone wanting to view Dwight's obit or leave written or verbal messages may
do so:



This would be a good place to start a community string of good memories.

Dwight was one of the few people who came to visit me when I was living in my old blue school bus "Recycled". Later on while working at Circles Records and listening to Dwight rockin' one evening, I was stricken with a musical mix in my head which I have mentioned elswhere on this blog - "Rocky Mountain Way" mixing into the original "Sex Machine" by Sly & The Family Stone.

I called Dwight on the Request Line from Circles. As soon as I said it, Dwight "Heard" it and put it on the air in a superbly flawless mix. For a half hour KDKB and Phoenix rocked mercilessly. KUPD, KRUX/KRIZ must have been glowing green.

Shortly after that I moved from Circles Records to KDKB for a short stint but did not fit (not unusual for me in those days) and I drifted on eventualy, to KSPN in Aspen, CO until the ski season came to run me out of town.

One of my fondest memories has to do though, with Dwighr and that musical mix. It was a quiet thunder heard all over the valley. A Boogie Three Shoes.

Ron Wortham


fran Bennett said...

I can't attend Dwight's Memorial so Sunday at 3pm Phoenix time I'm going to sit on the beach for an hour remembering him and all he made while he was here.

Then I thought, what if a bunch of us who can't attend do something similar? We spend an hour over coffee with our local friends all the time, surely finding an hour for focused reflection on Dwight should be doable. Besides, who among us wouldn't benefit from an hour of quiet?

When it's 3pm in Phoenix, what time is it where you are? If we do it all simultaneously, it might help us all collectively, "be there". Nest ce pas?

Tom Wright said...

Two memories, 30 years apart.

1973: A friend and I went down to KDKB one day (at the old brick building on Country Club south of Main in Mesa). No real purpose, and we didn't actually know anybody there, it just seemed like a cool place and we wanted to see it for ourselves. Dwight let us in, showed us around, chatted with us as he played records, and even let me borrow a couple of rare albums so I that could tape them myself.

2003: I had recently copied a bunch of my old KCAC/KDKB airchecks to CD, and I asked Dwight if he'd like to have copies. A few days later we got together at Restaurant Mexico in Tempe and had a great time talking about radio and music and life in general. I asked him if he remembered the incident from 1973, and he just chuckled and said that lots of people dropped by the station in those days, unannounced and uninvited, but that they were always welcomed as friends.

That pretty much sums up the man as I knew him: totally in love with music and always ready to make new friends.

Scott Jones said...

In 1973 Dwight and I did a road trip that was a cross between Route 66 and Easy Rider in his 72 Porche.

Our destination was Houston to help start the Pacifica non commmercial FM station there. We hooked up with Marty Manning and all the other radio folks.

We stopped to eat in a little Texas town and were looked at like we were Hopper and Fonda. There were comments about the Porche and "do they know where the barber shop is"?

A jock at KDKB mentioned on the air that he was filling in for a vacationing Dwight Tindle. As we arrived back in Phoenix we discovered that Dwight's house had been robbed.

Dwight took the situation in stride and never closed his doors to friends especially at the 4th of July and New Year's Eve.

Mariah Fleming said...

Just to clarify, donations can be made on this site as a tribute and connection site about Dwight. Ron even set up the pay pal link.

Ron has put incredible heart and effort into letting people know about Dwight. I hope you can come out for the memorial Ron. You mean a lot to SO many people.

The webmaster of Dwight's site emailed that he is also putting together a tribute and donation site Dwight's site. Amazing how many lives Dwight touched and how many want to pay tribute to him.

I have posted on the caringbridge site for people to go to the KCAC LIVES site; this is absolutely a great place to chronicle our memories. No reason not to do that in more than one place either;it's all about giving tribute and comfort to Dwight's family and many dear friends.

FYI said...

Thanks, Mariah. You are indeed, Our Lady Of Perpetual Encouragement.

I can't make it Sunday because I am not healthy and/or sane enough to fly alone. I am DREAMING however of a Wake/Reunion in December around the 20th when my son can push me around in the walker and can leave college long enough to do it.

Regard this as just an IDEA. It's not even a RUMOR. Yet.


Tom Wright said...

I almost forgot about one of the best Dwight moments ever. This was in the earliest days of KDKB, one evening when Dwight was doing his shift. There was considerable talk (in certain circles) at that time about legalizing marijuana. So, Dwight made an on-the-air call to the U.S. Customs station at Nogales, where lots of marijuana was being impounded at the international border crossing. A Customs official answered the phone, and Dwight suggested that "you guys could just hold on to 100 pounds of marijuana for me until it's legalized, and then I could come down and pay you for it." The Customs guy was flabbergasted, and he spluttered out some sort of an answer while barely controlling his own laughter. Finally he said that he would have to terminate the call "because this is an official phone." Dwight responded: "Oh, it's an official phone, is it? Hey, what color is it?" There was a click on the other end of the line, and that was the end of the conversation. (And if you don't believe me, I've got it all on tape!)


Mariah Fleming said...

THAT I've got to hear!! I have a vague memory of such hilarity one night. Can you imagine what would happen if someone tried that now? What a bummer - but we're sure lucky we heard it all then!

Respect4u said...

“The Knowing”

Dear Heart do not weep for me
Although “They” say I am deceased
Know that I will always be
Just a thought away

I live on through eternity
Even though you can’t see me
Know that I will always be
Just a thought away

I will let you know I’m here
“My” scent, a coin, a SONG appears
Know that I will always be
Just a thought away

I may visit in a dream
Believe the signals you receive
Know that I will always be
Just a thought away

Where Love enters, it does not leave
This is what I wish for Thee:
Know that I will always be
Just a thought away

© Sharon Elaine Porter

I did not know you personally, Dwight, but as a grateful listener I can say that the mark you made upon my life will sing in my heart forever. Rock on beautiful man! You're with Bill and Toad and Hank and so many others now.


Sharon Porter

Mariah Fleming said...

The memorial today was wonderful. Wish I'd had your poem, I'd have read it there. It's beautiful. Thanks for posting it.