Sunday, November 05, 2006


EVERYBODY wants to go to Heaven, nobody wants to die. EVERYBODY wants to be a DJ, few of them can fly! Listening to Jim Bachman on Radio Free Phoenix' Guest DJ show this rainy Sunday afternoon in Texas was a real treat. I can't help but wonder what his day job is.

Actually MANY listeners have an instinct for The Dance that is the DJ and his fantasy audience but this man did shine! So congrats, Jim - You rock!

Memory banks keep reminding me of OLD TIME RADIO when I was a kid. AM radio was God reading the news and playing the tunes in those days. I grew up listening to a magnificent voice that belonged to a man named George Irwin on KFJZ in Fort Worth in the late 1940's through the 60's.

After KCAC, KDKB, KSPN and finally KBBC... I drifted back to Texas and KFJZ again. That was 1983. Several guys came out of retirement and joined in the last few months
that KFJZ was on the air. George Irwin was one of them. I got to meet one of my childhood heros for the first time. I had just turned 40 and since I had listened to George since Age 5, he had to be in his late 70's. Old sure, but still great pipes and a great announcer.

He died within two weeks at KFJZ where he had worked all his life. The official Cause of Death was a heart attack.

The PRIVATE analysis was MIKE FRIGHT. MIKE FRIGHT! George had suffered from it for 40 years. A condition where an announcer or emcee or public speaker suddenly in front of dozens or even hundreds of people or imagined thousands, tens of thousands of listeners, suddenly chokes up, becomes suddenly self-concious and enters a panic mode.

Freaky. Worth remembering. Everybody wants to be a DJ. At first.


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Anonymous said...

hey there amigo, i was directed to this blog by a kind soul, indeed.

jim bachmann here, just wanted to say thanks for the kind words, they are most sincerely appreciated!