Friday, November 03, 2006

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By Mayoral Proclamation, Friday, November 10th, 2006 is...
A red letter art day - acknowledging Alwun's 35 years of sweat, blood and tears,
rewarded by ecstatic creativity and deep friendships.

City of Phoenix
Office of the Mayor
A Proclamation


WHEREAS, 35 years ago, Alwun House was founded by Kim Moody on the belief that art has the power to transform, strengthen, and beautify our community; and

WHEREAS, Alwun House pioneered many ground-breaking arts and cultural events. From 1971 into the new millennium, Alwun's historic landmark arts center has provided thousands of emerging and established artists a springboard for exploration and refinement of their work in "all one" place; and

WHEREAS, Alwun's legacy celebrates cultural diversity beyond "contemporary:" from Latin, Native American, Aboriginal, and folk art to avant garde, visual and performance arts; and

WHEREAS, for nearly 100 years the Alwun House has been many things to many people - including Arizona's first contemporary arts center, Downtown's first art gallery, the Valley's first coffeehouse (Yes, pre-Starbucks!), and the first to showcase Performance Art on their stage.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, PHIL GORDON, MAYOR of the City of Phoenix, Arizona, do hereby proclaim Friday, November 10, 2006 as Alwun House Day in Phoenix.
### 30 ###

If you are looking for an phenomenal downtown arts celebration, Alwun House accommodates: (Star Studded VIP reception and open house, posted Wed. 4pm.) Open to the public.

Want to explore downtown's art history for the past 35 years?

Now you know why Barry Goldwater said: "Keep up the good work. Anyone interested in art supports you!"

November 10, 7 - 11pm. 2006
$10 donation requested
(proceeds raise match funds for City of Phoenix Storefront Improvement Grant)
Light buffet, Refreshments, All Star Jazz and Rhythm and Blues; Hans Olson, Joe Myers, Linda Bilque, and Dignataries @ 8pm. We're still growing. Full program posted on web: Visit Friday. Exhibit: Nov 10 - Dec 1. Viewing: Tue - Fri; 12 - 6pm. free
1204 E Roosevelt, Downtown Historic Garfield
Participating Artists:

April Anderson, Robert Anderson, John Avedesian, Ralph Michael Brekan, Sarah Clemens, Susan Copeland, David Coven, Marc D’ambrosi, Jeremy Dejong, Lennee Eller, Steve Gompf, Dr. Eugene Grigsby, Zarco Guerrero, MB Hanrhan, Helen Rene Hestenes, Haldor Hjalmarson, Linda Ingraham, Eric Jensen, Rose Johnson, Karl Kroeppler, Donald Locke, Linda London, Robert Miley, Clifton Peirce, Alfred Quiroz, Sharoq Rezvani, Nancy Robb-Dunst, Joe Saadeh, Randy Slack, Tom Stephenson, Marilyn Szabo, Rudy Turk, Kerry Vesper, Susan Woodruff, Larry Yanez, Stephen Yazzie, Jeff Zischke... and few other treasures.

Come celebrate with us on Alwun House Day, Nov 10: Doors open at 7pm, "rededication" at 8pm. Entertainment till 11pm.

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