Monday, November 06, 2006

Good Dwight Karma

Just spoke with Dwight Tindle on the phone, who's in good spirits but justifiably frustrated with hospitals and doctors. Anyway, he says he welcomes calls from any old friends (including all the folks who frequent this blog), and he's in a lucid mood to talk (all that morphine, he laughs).
I'd recommend calling the hospital - it's Scottsdale Healthcare Shea, on 9003 E. Shea Boulevard - at 480-323-3000 and asking for his room (it's presently room 3131). He's been in there two weeks, with hospital TV and no computer (don't bother sending e-mail), so he's happy to hear familiar voices. Give the dude a call and send out some good "Dwight Karma"!

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JUST SPOKE WITH DWIGHT about 10:30 AM Phoenix time ( I think ). He's pretty stoned but we had a couple of laughs about getting together for a private concert with Jimi Hendrix.

Diwght is at peace with his Karma and his life. He says he may be there for a few more days and really does enjoy the calls. I suspect the nurses there are really not all that hot and you already know what's on TV.

On a personal note, I go in tomorrow for a heart catheterization - where they run a camera up the big artery of your groin and take a look inside your heart. There may be some stints involved and then later, a pacemaker with a de-fibrulator and built-in modem for downloading data and uploading new programming. Serious! This will be better than a FAX. I wonder how they deal with viruses.

If I survive all this, I will have the original carotid artery surgery in a few months, without flat-lining and freaking the surgical staff out.

Don't cry for me Argentina - or for Dwight either. There's more on the flip side.


Tom Wright said...

I'll give him a call today or tomorrow, maybe offer to bring him a boombox and some CDs if he likes. I know my hospital stay a few years back was as awful for the boredom, discomfort, and generally dreary atmosphere as for the medical problem itself.

Tom said...

I have to brag a little on the hospital that is taking care of me -- Wilson N. Jones in Sherman, TX.
The surgical nurses were singing "Close To You" almost as well as Karen Carpenter and her overdubs, as I was drifting off to anesthesialand and they were GOOD! The nurses were super - one of which I would like to seduce, just because I am an honest man and she is an honest woman and neither of us are all that cute. THEN I woke up one morning to find an absolutely enchanting young nurse holding my hand and reinforcing my Faith with a "One Day At A Time" sermonnette without the "Amen" stuff.

Call Dwight. He ain't got it near as good as I do.


Jimmy said...

Scott Niccolson has circulated a heartfelt and beautifully expressed letter to most of those on the mailing list regarding Dwight. I don't know if he'd want it reproduced here, but check your e-mails. This one definitely deserves a read.

Jimmy said...

Best wishes to Ron today, too. Let us know how that modem-equipped pacemaker works so we can send our good wishes direct to the heart.

Tom Wright said...

I called Dwight last night at about 7:30 Arizona time. He seemed pretty "out of it" but that can be a good thing - it means the drugs are working, keeping the pain down and diverting all the body's energy to healing. I'll call again later this week.

Ron - good luck today and always! Catheterizations are like dentistry: no fun, but sometimes necessary in order to avoid even worse problems, and once it's over you bounce back pretty quickly. Stay in touch,


Mariah Fleming said...

I just got back from an astonishing week at sea. Being on the ocean gave me time to reflect on many things, and the depth of the mystery plunged deeper with the sudden news about Dwight's cancer.

Thanks for mentioning the letter from Scott Nicholson. I don't know if he would want it posted so I won't, but he made some outstanding points about Dwight's contributions to the radio legacy we all cherish.

In fact, I recently mentioned to AMEHOF that Dwight deserves to be inducted into the AZ Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame. Lets all pray that we can do this while he is able to enjoy the honor he so richly deserves. As Jerry Riopelle said back in the day: "Expect A Miracle!"

Why don't we open an account for him under the auspices of the blog? We could publish the info on here and maybe RFP would announce it as well.

What do you all think?

Jimmy said...

Good idea about the contributions link, Mariah. I think Ron knows how to link PayPal to a blog page, since he did it on the Blogger page for his most excellent book, "Plant Your Seeds."
Ron, could you provide a quick tutorial on how to set up such a thing?

Jimmy said...

Check you e-mails. Ron's already done what I suggested in the abpve comment. Amazing guy! said...

Somebody help me out - is this JIM BOTKIN in the picture with Bill? If so, somebody has sent me a recent picture that I need to post.


Anonymous said...

If you’re referring to the pix of Bill eating pizza with some dude – that’s definitely not Jim Botkin. I asked Jim this morning to forward an old pix of him (preferably while at KDKB). Jim went on to KSML after a short “handyman” stint for about a year at KDKB. After KSML he worked other places in Calif – I think that one of them was KPIG but not sure.

I have another pix of him and I that I took last year when he was passing thru. I’ve also got a KDKB poster that a very talented characture artist drew while I was there. I’ll shoot it today and post it.


Jimmy said...

I thought the guy enjoying the pizza party with Bill was Dwight - the photo came off the page on KDKB's web site containing Dwight's essay, "Birth Pangs" (, an excellent read, by the way.
Hey, I didn't know what either of these guys looked like back then; I was just a loyal listener!

Mariah Fleming said...

Sounds's good to see you putting in your two cents and posting pics too. Please post some pics and messages on Dwight's Caring Bridge site too if you like:

Type his name with no spaces in the 'visit' bar. Lissa had nearly 1000 messages (its still up) it would be a wonderful comfort to Dwight and his family if we could do the same to honor him. Share some memories, send our prayers and good wishes...and lots of hope.