Sunday, February 04, 2007


Congratulations to Jimmy Magahern on his cover piece on "Time Capsules" in February's issue of Phoenix Magazine! His inimitable style makes a clever and captivating read. I've noticed that his work has enlivened Phoenix Magazine considerably, opening them to a broader readership. He has done some superb articles for them (and a host of other magazines) since he left the New Times. What the heck were those New Times folks thinking when they let Jimmy Magahern get away?!


Lowell Hollars said...

I agree, an interesting article by Jimmy Magahern in the current issue (Feb/2007) of "Phoenix" magazine; and great old photos. This issue has lots of good reading; an article on MacAlpine's Soda Fountain on 7th St., and a short piece on Apacheland Studion near Apache Junction, just to mention a couple.

Mariah Fleming said...

Off topic a bit but speaking of Arizona time capsule material and stuff, Lowell, you took some great photos at Chico's memorial. My favorite picture in the bunch so far is the one of Lynne Avril.

Lynne, bless her heart, not only played music with him and was his friend, but she was basically the person who did the nuts and bolts work of helping Chico navigate the choppy waters of age and illness over the years.

Aside from being a nationally sought after children's book illustrator, artist (Paulina Miller Gallery in downtown Phoenix) and a kick ass bass player, Lynne is the epitome of these words: "Love is a verb, it requires action."

Lynne just sent me a painting of Chico I asked her to send me in order to post it on the web. I need to enlist some help for that. Still haven't mastered that aspect of this blog thing as well as the other aspects of 'blogdom' I plod through on a daily basis! Daniel?? (o:

Jimmy said...

Mariah - thanks for the kind words. Hope everyone's okay with how I handled the KCAC Lives community.
If you'd like to read it online (or download a PDF of the printed version), it can be found here:

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