Tuesday, February 13, 2007


REMEMBER WHEN? Bill would sign off the day at KCAC with that simple quote from Robert A. Heinlein's "Stranger In A Strange Land". It was the "Amen" of the day - the benediction, Thou Art God. It was The Golden Rule, Proverbs, The Psalms and The Lord's Prayer all rolled up into one and you could smoke it if you wanted to.

Hashish for yoir ears. Ganja for your perusal, served up with a healthy overdose of The Incredible String Band and/or Moody Blues with their own westernized versions of Eastern Philosophy, snatched from the Wheel Of Karma, decorated by a Mandella of music at The Cosmic Buffet. Thou Art God. Thou really art.

WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND So says Bob Marley about the deeds and desires of the Jamaican Rastafarians, who bear a remarkable resemblance to the Hindus of India and to the Native Americans. LISTEN TO THE MUSIC. Watch the dancing. Look at the cultures and religions. NO WONDER discoverers of the New World thought they were in India.

Dwight as we all did, acknowledged Karma and with his death and Bill's and Hank's and Toad's... nay, even in the process of living and with the birth of Radio Free Phoenix with its High Priest Andy Olson guarding the musical Ark - we have had spring up in our midsts, a New Thing that seems somehow almost a Mirror Image of the old KCAC..... in Hindu.

SALAAM NAMASTE' according to our world-traveled John Robertson, means; "HELLO - THE GOD IN ME GREETS THE GOD IN YOU". Another way to say it would be "THOU ART GOD - ME TOO".

Salaam Namaste' is one of the thousands of stations available on the Internet but is also broadcast in the DFW area of Texas at 94.9 FM and it is a STRONG radio signal. Like any community radio station it is necessarily a block-programmed station with a wide variety of talk and interview shows selectively placed in dayparts for best effect. The language is mostly Hindi and you will hear many levels of Pakistani linguistics all mixed in with pidgeon-english. There are some words and phrases that require English and of course the British were in India even before The Beatles.

The station then is a culture-merge without even trying. What is so beautiful is that these people do not want to be Strangers In A Strange Land. They LIKE
the opportunity of this country and want to be a part of its prosperity. In some ways they are MORE American than we sold-out Baby Boomer/Yuppies are! This MAY be the answer to the "economic crisis" of outsourcing!

THE MUSIC SAYS IT ALL Ready? Ravi Shankar/Ali Akbar Khan -- to Shakira. I heard one song the other night that began with classic tambourine and cymbal rhythms
that carried into a wailing-dervish female vocal that was almost a sample from Frank Zappa's "Shiek Yerbouti", right up to a disco break-down with a bunch of guys singing' "I don't know what you're saying to me, I only came to party"!!! Another time I heard a BEAUTIFUL classicly-structured love song in Hindi that suddenly and very smoothly shifted to English. Hey - take my money. I am in love. It's ALL there - from classical to Shakira street rap and it rocks!

So, I urge you to have a taste. Click the headline above and pipe it through the stereo at at least "5" on the volume. Rock the Casbah.

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Like a gifted bottle of fine bourbon or bud, I will save this treat for the wee-wee hours of the morning when I get up to take a piss on the mesquite and wind up on the web till dawn...Seems to me your missing a letter in your moniker, should it not be "freekspeak" ? Have you tried 6 or 12 volt batterys on that pacemaker ? Could be an ultimate rush or, as Sharon says, Wooooosh..

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Cool music, Ron! Thanks for the find, and the link.