Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Casual Reading For The Boiling Frog

The Boiling Frog Observation fits right next to the description; "Sheeple". Sheeple is people that behave like sheep. Part of the herd. Follow the leader. Obey the dog.

The Frog? Well, you put a frog in a pan of cold water, place it on the stove and turn on the heat. How hot does it have to get before the frog freaks out and jumps out of the pan? Boiling. All the way boiling. The frog will be boiled alive before he jumps out. He doesn't KNOW he is in danger.

A long time ago - a couple of years or so, I made the observation on a much larger news website, that somebody had blown the timing sequence of the WTC bombings. That's what they were - bombings. Thermite probably or even a mini-nuke.

What was SUPPOSED to happen? Plane hits building, building falls. Plane hits second building. Building falls. Immediately. Just like hollywood. End of story.

WTC 7 is another story. Nothing hit it. Still it fell, all on its own.

Conspiracy? Nahhhhhhhh.... shit happens. But it was covered by the BBC 20 minutes BEFORE it fell. Kinda like the South American newspapers that reported Kennedy's asassination the day BEFORE it happened.

Warm enough for you?

Look at WTC 7 off the reporter's left shoulder and
click the headline.


Marty said...

C'mon Ron .. you also told us our computers were going to fry themselves in Y2K. I also personally reported on the air that morning that a Cessna had(reportedly)hit the WTC. As far as I know I was not part of a conspiracy. Sometimes things just get reported wrong in a disaster.
Where's the pattern?

freespeak@gmail.com said...

AH HA! A SKEPTIC! I thought as much..

The point of "crying wolf at Y2K" was PREVENTION. Billions were spent on remediation measures, I even did some Y2K remediation work for the water department of our little town. I was just one of many bellringers and it cost BILLIONS to get us past Y2K. It COULD have been a Worst case scenario. All the nasties. At that, we lost about fifteen oil refineries (few were rebuilt) to uncorrected imbeded function chips that didn't know what time it was. Thousands of gallons of raw sewage got flushed onto an LA park and there were many other incidents.

But this is not about Y2K. It is about MANAGED NEWS being militaristicly controled by the power brokers who TELL you, me, us/we/them/her what to report. The Truth doesn't enter in to it. THE EFFECT ON PUBLIC OPINION is everything.

It is the taileth, Brutus - that waggeth The Dog.

SO if I have disturbed your peace of mind, made you question your sources of information or nudged you into discomfort, please forgive me. I deeply and humbly apologize. Everything is going to be alright. No, everything IS alright and it will be more alright tomorrow because it is just fine now.



Mariah Fleming said...

This afternoon I tried to link to the sources on the page you sent me, and none of them linked to anything. Nothing would surprise me, but if there was a cover up going on about her report, some questions:

1) Why am I unable to access the actual report w/ a date?
2) Who was the reporter?
3) Where are interviews with the reporter on the subject of this info?

As for the WTC in the background:

1) Was she in New York?
2) If so, why would she report a building had collapsed when clearly it was right behind her?
3) If she was not in NYC, photos that are designed to look authentic and 'live' are often inserted into news stories.

There are things you've written about that turn out to be 'on target' in spite of sometimes sounding off the wall. So I don't dismiss this. But in spite of efforts to corroborate it on my own, I've found nothing concrete.

I've sent the info to Snopes.com. It'll be interesting to know if they are aware of the report. It usually takes about a week for them to get back to people. Snopes.com is an excellent source to verify and debunk information.

As for your cryptic comments to Marty about disturbing his peace of mind:

"Come on people now,
smile on your brother,
everybody get together
try to love one another
right now." (o:

freespeak@gmail.com said...

Did you click the headline above? Same thing. It takes you to PrisonPlanet.com for the full video WHICH IS being desperately censored but the cat's out now and she is moving.

Hey, before we go further, lemme tell ya, I dearly love Marty and most everyone here although I do know that I Peace people off with some of these observations.

The world we live in is absurd. The relationship I and Wunnerful Russ and I have (which gave birth to this blog) is testament to that. I know I get too heavy at times but we and our country are still knee-deep in shit and it appears to me to be getting worse. Hey, I am an old man now - I get to bitch about stuff.

Tom Wright pointed out that the reporter may have been working in front of a green screen backgrount with no idea of what was shown.

The point here is that the story blows the cover for managed news. We have had clues from Howard Cosell to Hunter Thompson to Dan Rather TRYING TO TELL US that we are being spoon-fed crap by the media and we still don't have a hint at how huge the lie we are living, really is.


Brittney and what's-her-boobs that died (still no cause of death) take up 40% of network news time while The war continues to eat people and shit money.

It's a huge investment, this lie. We are about to reap the dividends, I fear.

Love to all you guys.


Bruce Frank said...

Lotta good stuff there, [Got your other good links too]if good is the word... I'm convinced... no, still convinced that the problem, not the solution lies in politics... that dog aint gonna hunt no more, not with me.... Turn on, tune in, drop out....short, simple, obituary! I like to be knowlegable to the extent of being aware... prehaps to reach others... with reasonable political arguments... but i dont waste to much time to suffer a fool... this shit can just get me started on a good piss-off... when i already know the low down.
Good to get it out though cause the media, the watch dog of our freedoms is AWOL on matters of "government terrism and abuses of citizen and there constitutional rights.
So keep up the good work... I'll try to help cause no one's a fool here.. and I'm just pissed off at myself for being so impotent to change this shit and myself...

But I'm workin on it!

From the BoZone
Bruce Frank

Mariah Fleming said...

Yep,Ron, I clicked on the headline and on all the links you sent me without getting any new info.
Unbinary 1

Mariah Fleming said...

Ok Ron. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with this.

freespeak@gmail.com said...

Hi ladies..
The new BLOGGER takes time to learn but sometimes it just doesn't work the way it seems like it should... as I copied Mariah earlier today....

My bet is that you have spyware big-time on your computer.

You need something like Ad-Aware or Norton AND CrapCleaner so the thing will work.

Browser hijacks really are devastating. What I am saying is that someone probably knows everything on your computer right now. Inevitably, you will loose it ALL if it is not backed up. Meanwhile, you can' t even access links.

Take a half of a day and back up your important files to CD. If you don't know how, GET HELP. If I were out there, I would do it for you.. If you want, I can send you a disk but you need to take action very soon.

BACKUP YOUR IMPORTANT FILES (my documents, pictures, bank records email, etc....)
Download, update and run Ad-Aware...
Same with Crap Cleaner which is really fast - you can run it in a minute.
NORTON would be good to have on your disk.
ZONE ALARM firewall is almost necessary.

They are all free.

GET SOME HELP doing this. One day invested will save you ALL the work you have done and will do in the future!


SOMEONE in the 2008 Presidential
race is going to "mistakenly" say;
-Ron Wortham

Mariah Fleming said...

Hang on Ron, one of these hospital days one of them nurses is gonna get you, er, take you up on it and make a grab for the prize....pray she dont short your pacemaker batterys and spoil your discharge....


cowboysonmars.com is coming back to earth at the speed of light...Welcome aboard !

freespeak@gmail.com said...

That's a wonderful wish. I agree entirely. I'll need to check with my wife but as long as the nurse poses no domestic or emotional threat, she MIGHT approve. The exercise would do me good. Thanks for thinking of me, Bob.

Is there an charge for this?