Monday, February 26, 2007

Where were we now...?

kNot... to change the subject... but i found a link worth mentioning... [click above] . Second attention covers a wide range of mind expanding subjects and links.... there description...

"It is difficult to describe in words alone what this site is about. It is better that we do not try to define it - for it is an open ended question. What it could be compared to is the opposite of conditioning, the other side of knowing - where opening yourself to not knowing is the first step towards freedom. To know who we are , we need to know what others have tried to make us into. To be free is to surrender to mystery

The first attention is what we were told, what we were taught. The filter that we run 90% of our experience through. It is the filter of your beliefs and expectations. If you are happy there, safely tucked into the covers of faith and the known - you might want to leave now.

But if you have always wondered who or what we are - when you take away the patterns and habits that we inherited from family , friends and society - If you want to know what you would be when YOU choose which programs to run in your mind. When you decide at what frequency you want to run your filter. We are taking the first steps.

To get to the Second Attention, we must carefully undo the wrappers that we have allowed others to form around us. We must re-discover ourselvelves."

Say good nite now...

Check it out...
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PS Wish i could say more... but i stilled off a batch today and i can barely type

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Toured the site just a little and IMMEDIATELY got sidetracked by the music downloads. A Perfect Circle really stands out when you are lost in Psychedellialand!

'Shine eh?

You stay off them drugs now, Bruce.