Thursday, February 22, 2007

Article on Big Pete Pearson

For those of you that don't get the Valley area Tribune newspaper, There's an article on Valley musician Big Pete Pearson in today's (2-22-07) GetOut magazine; click on the above title to read it. There's also a side article in the magazine titled "The Valley's blues scene a melting pot of blues styles," which doesn't appear to be available online. The side article mentions several other valley musicians (e.g., Hans Olson, Paris James, Mikel Lander, Sistah Blue, Scotty Spenner, Soulcatcher, Honeyboy Dupree & the Smokehouse Players, Jimmy Peyton's Midnight Blues, Cold Shott, J. Powers band, etc.), so if you live in the Valley area, pick up a copy (they are free) while they are still on the stands.

PS: This site has some Big Pete Pearson music, so turn your volume up to 11.

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