Saturday, February 24, 2007

"Goin' Down Slow" [The Buddy System?"]

"Old geezers never die, they just fade away". I personally, am not the only one on KCAC Lives! with health issues. We almost lost track of Hank, we almost let Dwight slip out the stage door and I have it privately via email that we have one or two other friends fading in and out of the hospital, subject to depression and being just generally pissed off at a world that has no right to change this fast or be so wrong. Same kinda stuff we heard from the previous generation.

It's not so much a matter of getting old, it's more like getting up and finding that your favorite shoes don't fit anymore.

Which brings up the subject of check-out time. Anybody got any ideas on how to keep an eye on those of us still breathing? I mean, It's damn hard to send emails when you aren't (breathing, that is).

PS Russ - You take Brittney, I'll take Katie. Let Tom rationalize THAT.




Bruce Frank said...

Hey...! Whats up man... You OK?... You know i love ya... Ummm can i have your record collection when you go? I'll take care of Katie for you... What kinda flowers do you like, can we stuff you so we dont miss you so much?

See... If they'er still alive, that should get some kinda reaponce! Check in on your friends once in a while... let em know ya love em... your thinkin of em... and maybe even piss em off or make em laugh... they can't see the tears any way and i doubt thats what they want!
From the BoZone
Bruce said...

Damn Bruce, you act like someone with nothing to lose. Welcome!


PS.. Record collection? What's a record?

Bruce Frank said...

LOL... Just checkin man... glad your there. I lost it a long time ago.
LOve Ya
Yea i had a record collection once...
and i lost many of them too!