Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dangerous Minds

Yes ... I've read this blog... and i know your out there... and I'm Pleased to have made contact again! Seriously, I've been setting up computers including one for me... what a project. Already having a gmail account [google] i Quickly and painlessly [except for remembering my user name and password]switched to the new'?' blogger account just now [yesterday failed] If your reading this it worked, if not... never mind.
Let me leave you with this one last thought [please] which bears repeating.... "Every network, organization, business, group, gang... blog even, has a consciousness separate from the individual in it" that explains a lot of things when your trying to find the smoke filled room where conspiracy like plans are hatched.... its almost akin to synchronisity... only spelled different!
From the
Bruce Frank
PS Ahh would that be a subconscious conspiracy... would that include us... can you play with it and not get a little on you.... Ummm stay tuned for more exciting and provocative revelations... God is alive.... magic is afoot [she says a foot and a half] KCAC lives!


Mariah said...

Hey Bruce,
I've been struggling with the new account stuff for a couple of hours. I can't get it to work. Seems like the blog has come to a standstill.

Computer geniuses, HELP???

Bruce Frank said...

Ummm... glad you could still reply... most people wouldnt, spend hours trying, that is, just to chat with some blogers... Looks like were circleing the wagons to keep the small circle of friends in safly and the wild world out...
if i get the, no direct responce, email fowarded and screened,concept... it dosent apply to 'members' just annonomous posters... [which i have been like Gatly] but we will loose some people doing that and maybe its just as well as the 'list' would be something spammers could work with... and we could get annoyed by.
The hard part in switching over for me was remembering my user name and password for both this blog and my EXISTING gmail account... I got the impresion if you didnt have or didnt want a gmail account you could not do it.
Now I'm sure not everyone who uses, or would like to use this blog has or wants to have a gmail or other google account, looks like there movin in thou... they are big money now like AOL... might as well get a gmail [google]account now and follow the steps as advertized... they work as advertized... just take it step by step have your gmail account username and password ready and your KCAC username and password, and at the end you'll be offered the oppertunity to make a new password for the blog if you choose... and your done.
From the
BoZone... bRUCE

PS... Glad its not AOL,if it was AOL i dont think i would join... i just dont like em and i wont join even to get an X-file account... LOL another story though said...

Hi Bruce and all.. The idea SOUNDS complicated but is actually very simple. Instead od allowing Anonymous postings directly to the page like this, all ANONYMOUS and FIRST-TIME posters would access us through email. Simple as that.

ON THIS SIDE of the email box, Mariah and I and maybe others, would get a copy of the mail for posting on the BLOG.

MEANWHILE SPAMMERS would be automatically screened out. We would just never see them again. Kinda like having a bouncer at the door.

THE LIST would keep its current form with individual email access - except to mail a party invite or whatever at the same time to EVERYONE on the list, it would be sent from the email box after screening.

It just happens that Blogger is going through an upgrade right now, so with that and any other changes or ideas, it all gets magnified to seem like something bigger and more complicated.

Remember when we used to post by email? It's like that except the SPAMMERS inhale their own gasses.

Its just an idea and Jimmy would have the final say I think and we don't HAVE to do it regardless of what Russ says about me ramrodding things. He's just jealous. He wants to be Brittany Spears. Or maybe Katie Holmes. He wants that so much he is willing to go to bed with either of them. Things must be slow in the Real Estate biz.


Jimmy said...

Sounds fine by me, Ron, if you're willing to handle the e-mails. And I don't really need a final say on anything here - I just helped set up the framework to get it started.
As for gmail, Ron introduced me to that long ago, and it's probably the best e-mail service anyway, so no one need hesitate getting a free account (try it, you'll like it!).

Bruce Frank said...

Cool... just so nobodys legitimate responce/posting, gets censered or unduely delayed and we dont loose the thread should there be a hot topic... people like to see there posting in a timely fashion if not IMMEDIATLY!
I'm not realy worryed... and i havent seen much spam yet... keep up the good work... there will be a little more if we do this. Might work out nice to have this done now before we/it goes to the next level which i certinly hope to see us do.
Nothing is written in stone... it might be worth doing before/if, spam starts to be a problem... we can always go back too... or try something else as the need arises.
No one needs my permission either just the willingness to do it... I'm cool with it... but then i have my own secret password
to post things directly! Right?... will that still work?
From the BoZone
Bruce said...

ACTUALLY, IT'S A SIMPLE EDITING JOB to The List and a couple of other spots on the BLOG.. takes less than an hour and you won't feel a thing. It's like getting pregnant - you don't even have to change the channel.