Sunday, February 25, 2007

Houston, Do We Have Contact??

Ok, my computer tells me it's 9 degrees in Phoenix, and I know that's a lie. But I have some hope that the computer is not totally berserk every time I sit down at it since it appears that I am finally in to the posting area again! Woo Hoo!

Now, let's see if this shows up on the blog. I apologize that I have been unable to post any of the comments sent to the blog via the KCAC Lives email. I've been trying to figure this new system out for DAYS.

Ahh, the struggles of the non-binarians (o: among us. I never thought I'd look back fondly on the library's Dewey Decimal System (remember libraries, kids?) But, man oh man, this is the Binary Buggers system!

Houston, I'll call it 'Contact' if I can post again without jumping though hoops. Onward! BTW it's possible I am merely hallucinating seeing this post on the blog so y'all let me know if anyone else sees it! Computer frustration induced delusions. What would Timothy Leary say???


Mariah Fleming said...

When trying to post a comment anonymously I was redirected to 'blog administrator has disabled comments on this blog" This looks like we don't want any comments from 'outsiders' when there's no explanation. Of course that's not the case at all!

Question: why doesn't it explain that people now comment via the kcaclives email address to control spam? Can we change that? If not It defeats the purpose of the blog when people are told "blog admin has disabled comments on this blog." Wish I knew how to fix it to give the correct info and easy link! Computer guys?!

BTW just plugged the KCAC Lives blog at an good sized event the other day; lots of interest! Lets be sure what we do will expand our readership and their spontaneous comments.

Lowell Hollars said...


I just posted this comment and didn't get the "blog administrator has disabled comments on this blog" note. So maybe that problem has been eliminated. I was asked to sign into my Google Account. said...

Hi all.. Congratulations, YOU are now a BLOG Administrator!

I set up the top-of-the-page item as a information type "billboard" if you would. At the bottom of every posting you make, there is an option to allow replies [or not]. I opted NOT so that simple billboard does not grow too large. I also set the cycle date to 2008 so it will STAY on the top and be the first thing new folks will see when they surf in.

MARIAH... learning this Binary stuff is not hard at all you just have to figure out how the programmers think and want YOU to think. Then you will be Bi and naturally gravitate to anything warm. I am not completely Bi myself and actually by definition I don't believe there can be anything such as COMPLETELY Bi by definition.

POSTING from the email account goes like this; While you are reading the email at do a copy/paste from the email. That loads the message into RAM.... upper and invisible memory. Now switch over to KCACLives! on BLOGGER and PASTE the document into the page you are creating. You'll get the hang of it quickly, It's just like doing a cut/paste in your word processor except you are switching Internet pages.

By the way if your computer is showing 9 degrees in Phoenix, it might be measuring in centigrade or celsius. In any case, I recommend running Norton Utilities for Registry errors and/or Ad-Aware for browser hijacks and bugs.

THE UPSIDE of the new BLOGGER is that they seem to have become aware of and are dealing with the browser hijacks, malicious spyware and REALLY sophisticated viruses that were sneaking in.

Hope this helps.


Tom Wright said...

This is a test of the new protocol for using my existing "blog" identity to make a comment. It is only a test. Had there been a real emergency we would all be toast by now. Fortunately such an event was delayed at least long enough for me to see an acoustic show by Los Lobos in Mesa last night, and with some luck it will not take place until after the acoustic Richard Thompson shows in Arizona (Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson on March 7-8-9 respectively). After that I can die happy, although living happy would be fine as well.


Respect4u said...

Oh Hooray!!! I thought I'd never get back in. If I can remember how I did it, I'll be back :)

There was some porno and drugs by mail junk getting on the blog while you were in the hospital, Ron. I kept emailing Mariah saying we needed some pest control.

I was upset because someone had posted porno spam on the memorial tribute to Chico Chism. It just struck me as being REALLY disrespectful.

Sorry fellow Bloggers if my outrage contributed to the tighter controls. I don't think anyone here needs stranger danger outside sources to tell us about sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. Right?

Sharon Elaine Porter said...

WH00OOoosh backatya Sharon.

For the most part the SPAM comes from robot programs that cruise the BLOGs and seek anonymous posting opportunities. They do not discriminate. They only have ONE search crieria, that is ACCESS and they don't care even if it is a children's - oriented website.

As of early this afternoon we had FOUR attempted SPAMS in the catch-all at and they don't even know they were filtered. Gmail allows them to connect but then sorts them into the SPAM file and lets them go on their merry way, content that they are making $$$$. Really SNEAKY of Gmail. Almost unfair.


Respect4u said...

Right on Gmail. Right on Ron!!
It's great to be back in the flow.
God is Alive ... Magic is Afoot!
...And I found my way back without bread cumbs!

I sincerely hope the new and returning bloggers with legitimate posts will take the time to get on the Blog. We probably haven't even scratched the surface of the stories that could be told "from the day."