Monday, January 29, 2007

Chico Chism's Funeral and Wake

Lynne Avril phoned to say that Chico's memorial will include the actual funeral service at the Rhythm Room. It will be a closed casket ceremony open to his many friends and fans. The doors open at 6 PM the funeral begins at 7:00 PM. Afterwards there will be one heck of a 'wake' Chico style, see below for the line up thus far.

January 28, 2007

CHICO CHISM passed away this morning at 5:00 am at the Kivel Campus of Care in Phoenix. A memorial service will be held on Tuesday, April 30th at the Rhythm Room, the club that he loved so much. There will be commentary, and a religious service led by Father Ron Poston, as well as photos and video of Chico, followed by a musical tribute by his many friends including:

The Flamekeepers
Big Pete Pearson
Lynne Avril
Bob Corritore
Nightshift Featuring The Chief & Tom Grills
George Bowman
Walkin' Cane Mark
Mike Howard
Matt Roe
Hans Olson
Blues Dinosaurs
Johnny Rapp
and many, many others not yet confirmed.

A repast of barbeque will be available for sale, proceeds from the sale will help pay for the funeral costs; other donations will be accepted at the door. Doors will open at 6pm. No smoking will be allowed indoors, although smoking will be permitted on the outdoor patio.

(Arizona will never forget you, Chico. We're so grateful that you made the Valley your home and let us experience your magic. Bob Corritore, thank you for bringing Chico into our lives here in the Valley of the Sun. "God is Alive, Magic is Afoot, Magic Never Dies.")


Mariah Fleming said...

We are all thinking about you and hoping you are doing better. We sure miss seeing you on the blog. It's not the same at all without are our lifeblood, brother Ronco.

I tried to move THE LIST up again but was unable to do so successfully or as creatively as you! One thing is irrefutable; you are always at the top of our list!

We're sending you healing thoughts and a lot of love from the Arizona desert.

vagabondvet said...

Hi, Mariah,

...and Ron, and everybody...

I'll keep an eye on it, and when it drops off the bottom of the page I'll move it, if Ron doesn't get to it first. If I miss it, just shoot me an email, will ya, and I'll come and take care of it? Thanks...

:~) said...

Thanks for watching the store, guys. Infection is controlled but heartbeat is unreliable. Slowish recovery,

WONDERFUL people all around me. I keep waiting for the naked dancing girls but the preachers won't go home. I think they are waiting, too.

Mexican food might work.
Damn, I hate winter.


Respect4u said...

HI RONCO!!!!!!
Yes... Mexican Food will work wonders! Great to see you back!!

Mariah Fleming said...

Woo hoo! You're back! Take it REAL easy, man. If Dustin is up for blogging it would be cool to hear from him too...does he know how many of us are crazy about you out here in Arizona?

Are you up for some phone calls yet?
I'm going to send you the new issue of PHX MAG with Jimmy's great new article on time capsules that mentions this blog a lot. I'll get it in the mail to you in the next week or so. It's not available online at least not yet. said...

Hi Mariah and all.. Carole sent me an issue. Sure made me homesick for Arizona "Where the sundials never lie".

Great article. Gotta be a wierdo that Jimmy was quoting towards the end of the article.... but I like the idea of doing almost anything naked under the influence.

Turnibg the corner on the medical problems and if I can keep this thing working, I may be back on 2 wheels yet. Thanks for the good wishes and good vibes. If I make it out there this summer I feel I absolutely MUST tube the Salt River drunk or stoned once more. Drunk, stoned or OD'd on insulin, it matters not to me. I owe the whirlpool one more visit.

JANA BAMMERSBACH sure rings a bell with me.. Didn't she work for New Times in the 1970's? I seem to remember her disguised as part of the Rocky Horror Picture Show crazies that invaded my place on South 35th avenue about 1979 and somehow wound up in one my shirts. Anyway, send her my regards and remind her that there is entirely too much dignity north of Tucson.

As far as phone calls, sure I can still find the phone if it rings long enough. 903-564-3816. I have call tracing and call block in case of emerging assholes. I can have my computer call them back and play maniacl laughter hours later.

Thanks for the good vibes and concerns. I'll be alright after a brownie.


Mariah Fleming said...

Yep, Jana Bommersbach worked for the New Times for a long time. She also did some tv, wrote, and continues to be a major player as an AZ writer and journalist since she began working her craft. I had the good fortune to meet her when she was inducted into AMEHOF. Quite a gal.