Friday, January 05, 2007


IT'S ALL RELATIVE according to Albert and the truth is, the older I get - the more relative it becomes. Little by little I am losing it. We ALL are, we just don't notice at times.

I BELIEVE my arrival in Phoenix at the Sunnyslope house on Peoria (now a parking lot) was in the early summer of 1968. But it may have been 1969. I went to work at KOY in night news at about that time but honestly boys and girls, I am lost and becoming loster. Before I conjugate to lostED or lostEST, I need some feedback from those of you who were not so caught up in the quest for better drugs, food, clothing, shelter and sex at the time, that you actually remember WHEN it was and WHO and WHERE you were.

I figure if I can assemble some ACTUAL DATES within a week or two of the time they actually occured, I can donate the finished product and will also help Tom as he re-constructs whatever-the-hell it was that we did back then.

(significant music mentioned as mile markers)

1. "Little Willie Sunshine is born and Bill Comton takes over KRUX underground from Ray Thomson.
"Beginnings" by Chicago
CCR Live Concert in Phoenix.

2. Family (Bill, Hank, Pegi, June & Ron) moves to Scottsdale house near Shea blvd."
"God is Alive, Magic is Afoot - Buffy St. Marie 1969
"The Great Mandella" - Theodore Bikel (1970) 1969 PROMO.
Space Cowboy - Steve Miller Band, JUNE 1969

3. Bill, Ray & Ron move to Starbright Ranch off 43rd Ave. in Laveen
"Gimme Shelter" - Stones
"Soft Parade" - Doors

4. Ron leaves Starbright, KCAC & etc. to go travelling.
"Abbey Road" - Beatles
"Ramble On" Led Zepplin IV

5. Bill Compton dies in auto accident - JUNE 21ST,1977 (?) LIGHTNING BOLT CAUSES 24-HOUR BLACKOUT IN N.Y.C.


You get the idea. The experiences and the music grouped together create the actual timeline.

as you REMEMBER THEM as accurately as you can, attest to WITH DATES as nearly as you can, please email me at

I will share yor message with Tom and others working on these archives. I will also assemble the EVENTS along with the DATES right here on this posting and then update it like "The List" for not only Tom to refer to, but everyone else as well. You'll be amazed what you remember, just reading someon else's version.

YOU WILL BE QUOTED AS THE SOURCE for your memory so be prepared for arguments from those of us who were hallucinating!

WHO AND WHERE WERE YOU in 1968 - 1977?


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Mariah Fleming said...

This gives me a lot to think about. I knew there was a reason I kept all my journals and miscellaneous scraps of paper from the time I was around sixteen years old. I'll let you know what I uncover, and in the meantime I will try to figure out what I have been doing from 2000 to 2007 (o: