Monday, January 15, 2007

Is That A Monkey in My Tree??

A friend and former photo student of my husband Ray Bowen called us tonight from Calcutta. He sent us a link to photos he has taken on his remarkable journey back home to India. We thought you might enjoy the vicarious thrill of another way of life.

He had been unable to send anything to us until now because there were no computer hookups available throughout the various destinations on his trip. Imagine! The last shots are of a great Buddhist Temple where he found an elephant inside.

Brought to you by the God Is Alive Magic Is Afoot crowd here at KCAC Lives! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

these pictures are really mindblowing. who is rahulwho?

Mariah Fleming said...

Rahul is a photographer from India who went to school at Collins College here in Tempe, Az. He has caught the attention of the well known National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry who invited him to intern in New York last year.

McCurry took the famously haunting photo of the young Afghani girl with the blue eyes on the NGEO cover some 25 years ago. He then found the same woman and put her on the cover as an adult and they did a story about her.

For many years people asked who she was and he didn't know. That they found her again was pure serendipity.

You can probably contact Rahul directly thru his website.