Thursday, January 04, 2007

Call for Photos!

OK, everybody, while I deal with the latest batch of KCAC tapes, here's what I'd like you to do: go through your closets, attics, basements, garages, cabinets, desks, scrapbooks, whatever and FIND STILL PHOTOS (or home movies) of the old KCAC/KDKB staff! Photos taken "on the job" (at the studios or at public events) would be best, but any photos related to the radio stations and their staffs would be helpful. Provenienced photos (i.e., labeled in some way to identify what the photo shows, who took it, where, and when) are especially valuable. Anybody know if professional-quality photos taken for newspaper/magazine articles, press releases, etc. still exist? What about the original negative (or a good-quality print) of the famous "group" photo posted on the blog?

I'm not necessarily asking you to send me any photos at this time (although digital scans would be welcome); just search for photos, and let me know via email ( or on the blog what you've come up with. The photos will ultimately be archived along with the tapes and whatever else we can come up with. Our goal is to use this archive to write a book-length account of alternative radio and the counterculture in the Phoenix area in the late 60s/early 70s. One friend of mine even suggests approaching KAET (Channel 8) to see if they could use this material for a half-hour or hour-long documentary, centered around the dramatic 4th of July tape and (if they can be found) the 1974 videotapes of Bill Compton. (Channel 8 has done a number of other films about various aspects of Arizona history and culture, so why not give it a try?)

We're gaining momentum on this project, so now is the time to search your personal archives and see what you can contribute to the effort. I'm also hoping to send out an online questionnaire sometime soon, since individual or group interviews are tough (if not logistically impossible) to arrange. This would be a good way get everybody's input. So keep checking the blog and stay in touch!



Bruce Frank said...

Good Job Tom... Good man
Gotta love and appreciate a man, with the initiative and awareness to see a job that he can do... right in front of him... and step up to the plate to do it... that is the kind of leaders we will need in the future... if we should get on the same page... or not.
When an opportunity or need arises... anyone and everyone can be a leader as time, skill, opportunity and the desire allow... just step up to the plate... and everyone may be called on to help in the same respect.
We dont need no stinking leaders, in the old world sense, once we realize were all here to to help and serve each other... even if that means taking the lead once in a while! ... if its worthy people should respond.
We've probably all been there a time or two... and with all the other worldly pressures... some step up to the plate... and some just walk on by.
Its not leading.. or following... its working together.... and in an efficient way... bla bla bla! A lot could be said about this dynamic but i just want to say...
Cudos Tom...
and thank you!
Bruce Frank

Mariah Fleming said...

You're a gem!

Tom said...

I have a copy of "Magical Mystery Tour" that was once the "air" copy used at KCAC. Has the rubber stamp on it and everything. That count?


(FYI I got it in the early 80s when I worked with the wife of then-KDKB program director Jeff Sattler. He called me up and said they were cleaning out the record library of albums they couldn't/wouldn't be using anymore so I drove over to KDKB and dove in to the pile. I took the MMT album just because it had the old KCAC stamp on it.)

Tom Wright said...

Sure - why not? I've got a bunch of albums (well, a few) that were either KCAC or early KDKB copies, some of which have the initials WEC written in one corner. None with the stamp you describe, though. Keep digging and let me know what else you come up with.


Mariah Fleming said...

Fellow Travelers,
I came up with a new official title for Tom Wright. He told me it might go to his head. It's not likely we are in danger of that happening, so how about hail to Arizona's cosmically appointed (WEC of course) 'real radio' "Archive Archangel"

Yipee-o-ki-yay! Tom might think "Yipee-o-ki-OY!!" but methinks he doth protest too much.

We loves you, man. (o: