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Liz Boyle has worked with this gentleman and attests to his legitimacy. Sometimes while panning for gold dust, we wash up a nuggett or two.

This one's a "Lunker"

from Eric Schecter
subject KCAC/KDKB

Not sure if you are the admin of the KCAC site, but I saw this email address a few times on the blog page.

I haven't figured out how those things work...but anyway, let me get to the point:
I spent many years in Phx as Chief Engineer for KDKB, KMLE, etc., but moved to Sandy Eggo a couple of years back.

Whilst going thru some items, I discovered I have a DAT (remember those?) master tape I put together of a KDKB's "Forum" show from June, 1977. It was originally given to me on cassetter by Mike Ferguson who operated a Flagstaff translator back in the day.

Anyway...this is a really interesting was a roundtable of guests on the radio the day after Bill Compton passed away. This audio needs to be archived and shared!

Please let me know how I can pass it on to you for posting on the site.
Best wishes for a Happy New Year!
Eric B. Schecter
San Diego, CA.

DAN.. I have had a total crash and am sucking pickles. I am adding Eric to The List. Could you send him an invite?



vagabondvet said...

Hi, Ron, and welcome, Eric,

You bet I will! But first you'll have to send me an email with Eric's email address, so I'll know where to send it!


vagabondvet said...

Never mind, I see you added him to tThe List, so I'll just go ahead and send that invitation. Thanks...


Tom Wright said...


It sounds like what you have may be the special edition of "Forum," KDKB's evening news/public affairs program, broadcast live on the day after Bill's death (June 22nd, I think). Mark Nykanan hosted, and Hank Cookenboo was the main guest, although there were also pre-taped comments from others. It ran from 6:00 PM to a little after 7:00 PM. Does this sound like what's on your tape? I made my own tape of that show (reel-to-reel, mono, at 7 1/2 IPS) but there's always a chance that what you have is different, or more complete, than what I have. After the show was over there was a long set of music played in Bill's memory, starting with John Stewart's "Good Earth Rider" and then going into "Seven Bridges Road" by Ian Matthews. My tape runs out just as the latter song is ending. If memory serves, the next songs played were "The Ballad of Casey Deiss" (Shawn Phillips) and "Turn Turn Turn" (The Byrds) but I'm no longer certain about that since they're not actually on my tape.

Anyway, please keep in touch! If you can copy the tape (on cassette or burned to CD), please send it to me: Tom Wright, 528 W. Pebble Beach Drive, Tempe, AZ 85282. (Or I could you my tape, which is already on CD, so you can compare them.) And if you have other tapes of KCAC and KDKB from that era, we'd love to know about them and add copies to the growing archive! Our goal is to get these materials to the Arizona Historical Society Museum (or a similar institution) where they can be professionally cataloged and preserved, and made available as a research collection for a Master's thesis or dissertaion on Phoenix counterculture and alternative radio, ca. 1968-1978. Any contributions you can make to this collection would be gratefully accepted and much appreciated!

Tom said...


My son is home for a holiday break from college... he'll be a Junior next semester, mostly attending on scholarships and grants.

KCACLives! and the legacy of KDKB has gotten his attention, especially my book and this website.

Some of you may be aware that we are getting collegiate-level readers and hits occasionally from universities all over the world.

It seems we are not only the focus of Broadcast students, but musicologists and sociologists as well. After all, the time period was something of a fulcrum.

I described "The Dream" loosely depicted by Jimmy's handiwork at the top of "The List" and suggested the idea of a 24/7 small auditorium with Power Point Projectors and audio Podcasts... He flipped.

The idea that someone could go there and just SOAK UP the experience had him bubbling.

My thought is that it is something that might be widely shared, BLOG or auditorium style.

It is an honor to be associated with you guys.


Eric Schecter said...

Excellent! Will get you a copy..and this is the same show you described. If I recall, I made a number of tapes I sent to KDKB alumni right after the New Times article on their xx(don't recall) anniversary was published. I cleaned it up a bit in the production room. I don't think there is any music on it. Nice to see all teh familiar name on this blog. Hi Liz! As always, you are sunshine!

Marty said...


Mariah Fleming said...

By the way if anyone has not read
Ron's book, it is definitely worth the read. Some people who are new to the blog may not know about it.

I read it when Ron and I started corresponding at RFP. It put a lump in my throat. A bond was then formed that grows ever stronger with this exceptional Texan human being.

And as far as Ron's comment: "It is an honor to be associated with you guys", it comes from the top down, and Ron is the absolute TOPS.

Just had to be said.

Anonymous said...

Hey Howdy Ya'all...Been out of the loop these past few weeks moving my show up to The Cutoff (AZ 97) near Bagdad, AZ. Great to tune back in an find everyones still cookin through them olden days. Bus Stop ? Marylou Gulley up at the Mystery Castle told me the story of when Marylyn & Clark Gable spent the off day with her up at the Castle and Marylyn hung with her in the bedroom...Gotta be a back story there Tom.

An what about Patrick Farrels, "Ransom",
filmed on the streets of Scumdale in the 70s ? Pats still around and has reels to share...

Indeed, Tom, the Az Historical Society does need this blockbuster show within its walls...Lets get McMahon on board and close the deal...An Hey, wheres Johnny D ?

Just got my satellite dish today so all I can say is its nice to be back in touch...

Bob Gately

Mariah Fleming said...

Great to hear from you Bob! Been wondering what happened to you!

Do tell more about the Mystery Castle and whatever other surprises you have up your sleeve, eh?

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

You bet Mariah, we are getting settled down an indeed there are quite a few mor tale to tell...More soon...Zooooom.


Lowell Hollars said...

Speaking of "Mystery Castle," I was just watching an old 1969 episode of "Then Came Bronson," titled "Sibyl." It was filmed at the Mystery Castle in Phoenix. I think quite a few of the "Then Came Bronson" episodes were filmed in the Phoenix area.

I saw something on the internet where one guy said "I was 11 years old at the time. I remember Bronson filming in Arizona.That was the coolist! I remember they painted a naked murel of a women on a barn on Baseline Rd. in Phoenix." That episode is titled "The Gleam of the Eagle Mind," which I shall watch next.

Azmtbear said...

It's great to hear from you, Eric. Mike F, here. I'm late to this party, but I remember dubbing the cassette of that Compton 'Forum' tribute for you...a sad and compelling hour of radio. I'll always associate John Stewart's wonderful Earth Rider with Bill. I hope your copy preserved the original stereo, as mine was damaged in a flood about 10 years ago. Luckily, a lot of damaged open reels I airchecked of the early KDKB (and other goodies like LA's KPPC) are recoverable. Think 'sticky shed', here. So far, I've found Bill, Tindle and The Amoeba, plus weekenders like Mike Kolasa.

I wish I'd kept the several KDKB FM translators I owned through about 1997. Radio again sucks bigtime in Northern Arizona. In some sort of circular logic, the best over the air stuff comes from a pirate. BTW, the notorious KDKB Translator Commercial Automation Tone System, (approved by Sandusky Corporate, not powered by Prophet Systems), lives on south of the border thanks to eBay.