Thursday, January 18, 2007


Hi all..

Out of the hospital but not out of the woods. I am now officially and by definition, a Cyborg. Part Man, part Machine.

Amazing it is, to become a part of the sci-fi stories I read prior to 1960. But here I am with a Pacemaker in my chest, telling my heart not to slow down to less than 60 BPM............not even for the s-l-o-w dances

Not much to add to the plethora of new KCAC info uncovered by Tom and other show-me-the-money realists here, so I shall attempt to capture your imagination instead, with a fantasy. Tom and I have reached agreement on one subject though.... GWB is most definately God and must be worshiped for his Wisdom


You are at 60,000 feet in an airliner - several miles in the sky over desolate terrain. Empty, dry desert with lotsa rocks below. Your eyes stray to a Mesa ot Plateau below and the shape you see sets off buzzers in your head. What is that? A skillet? An egg poacher? Part of a Rolex watch? The top of a submarine?

For even more fun, GOOgle CLEMENTINE

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