Monday, January 01, 2007

Most popular first names

A few weeks ago I read in the paper where the most popular baby names for 2006 were Angel, Daniel, Anthony, Jacob and Jose for boys; and Mia, Emily, Isabella, Emma and Ashley for girls. After seeing the list of names posted below for the KCAC community, I was curious what the most popular names were for that "generation." In case you too are curious, the answer is as follows:

Bob/Robert (7)
Mike/Michael (7)
John (5)
Ken (4)
Bill (4)

Sue/Susan (4)
Linda (3)
Marsha (2)
Julie (2)
Kathy (2)
Marsha (2)

Yes I know, a really dumb way to start the new year. So please, no "get a life" comments. :o)

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Mariah Fleming said...

Actually Lowell, your post gave me hope that we are coming back to our senses here in the good old USA. The last survey I read some years back cited the dizzying popularity of 'brand' names for babies like "Lexus" "Saturn" and so forth. After reading that I hid in a dark closet for a week. (o:

Happy New Year!!