Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Welcome to KCAC lives!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be added to a mailgroup list that read like a "who's who" of survivors from what we in Phoenix consider the golden age of progressive rock radio. It was a kick peering in on their reminiscences, good-natured roasts and the kind of long-winded stories you'd expect from a bunch of former hippies.
Having just completed a story on blogging, vlogging and podcasting, though, I felt compelled to create a page for this community that could serve as a depository for their stories and comments and also host some audio files, photos and links that become difficult to share through group e-mails.
I hope all the folks in that esteemed mailgroup visit here often and offer comments and personal news updates. And I'll try to keep the content interesting, with podcasts of classic KCAC air checks and whatever intriguing relics of Phoenix's progressive rock radio past I can manage to dig up (if you've got anything cool to share, let me know!).
For those discovering this page who aren't familiar with Phoenix's free-form radio legacy, I hope "KCAC Lives!" provides a fun and educational introduction. Stay tuned!
- Jimmy Magahern, Staff writer, Phoenix New Times


vagabondvet said...

Greetings! A blog, what a great idea! Thanks, Jimmy. I hope members of the Little Willy Sunshine Family will enjoy it and make good use of it. I'm Daniel, from Rebirth. I have a website, a blogspot blog, and a collection of Webshots Photo Albums, which includes a Bill Compton album. Check 'em out if you're lookin' for something to do. Also, if any of you have pictures of Bill, or for that matter any old KCAC/KDKB/Rebirth Pictures, and want to post them for others to view, email them to me and I'll add them to the album.

Have a great day!


Jimmy said...

Daniel has some great pics, and is obviously more experienced with this blogging stuff than I am. Everyone should definitely click on those links above!

Anonymous said...

This is the best, Jimmy! Thanks! I am a free lance writer and wrote a story about Bill recently...sure do miss him and Toad. I last saw Toad at Johh Dixon's 50th BD party at the Rockin Horse Saloon (which burned to the ground shortly thereafter) )o:

I had a blast like many others back in the day. My favorite memories of KCAC/KDKB are the house at Camelback that got burglarized of all the lps and us lugging in albums for the station to use, and everyone sitting around sort of forlornly...but not for long!

I fondly recall Bill encouraging me to do a demo tape which he set up for me, and later doing some voiceover and jingles for the Love Workshops written by the looney but scarily talented team of Wonderful and Russ2.

My favorite ones were for the fake 1st Womans National Credit and Trust Bank...three commercials.
One where I was Shirley MacLaine who has "just returned from my visit to the People's Republic of China and on my trip women there told me what they wanted most was their own bank!!" (I'm parpaphrasing but you get the drift.)

And one about free sperm with deposits to the bank "for those who find the act of procreation cumbersome and distasteful" I will never forget that line-hilarious!!

My feminist die hard friends were po'd at me over doing those...not much of a sense of humor in the women's movement in those days.

Sure wish I still had copies of those - all of those Love Workshops were so funny. There were (and are) so many talented people here. Maybe the internet radio stations can bring back radio like it was meant to be...Radio Free Phoenix seems to have a good head start!!
Mariah Fleming