Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Post by e-mail!

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Marty said...

Way to go Jimmy! You've now managed to drag us into the new world of blogging while still using the technology that was the original burr under your blanket that got the whole thing going!
Gotta love that.

freespeak@gmail.com said...

Ah tell ya Marty (spit~~pa-tiiing!)
these new guys ain't frum around here (spit~~pa-tiiing!) and it'll be a bunch o' poker hands before I'll trust any of 'em.


They larnt all this intimidation crap from the gov'mint. They make you think sunpin's wrong and then to fix it, they come in and pen up all the chickens and livestock that used to run free.(spit~~pa-tiiing!) After that they raise yer taxes to make you pay fer thim screwin' up. Wimminizers!

I tell ya'(spit~~pa-tiiing!) these guys think in boxes. Probably did a bunch a' jail time while they was being brainwashed. Probably don't know (spit~~pa-tiiing!)what a sheep is for.

Roll anudder one.

Anonymous said...

And you told me there would be No Bozoz on This Bus...