Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ron Wortham - FreeSpeak

Good news! Ron Wortham started a blog today. Hopefully he will get around to publishing excerpts from his autobiography, "Plant Your Seeds" ("The only part anyone read was about KCAC and KDKB," he jokes. "The rest was used as rolling papers and was burned.").
In the meantime, check out his introductory post, in which Ron rightly dubs Radio Free Phoenix the "latest incarnation" in the KCAC-KDKB geneology. Here's an excerpt:
"It is INCREDIBLE to see and even be able to share in the evolution of all this. I look back at these hingepoints of my life and appreciate more and more the uniqueness of the KCAC times. The spirit is still there, holding it all together almost in desperation, until the times we live in can be as one with the world we tried to create back then."

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