Thursday, March 24, 2005

KCAC podcast, pt. 2

In part 2 of the KCAC podcast, Bill drops a Kahlil Gibran poetry reading into the middle of a long Gordon Lightfoot collage (remember when Gordon Lightfoot was cool?) and introduces us to an "unbelievably good" new album called "The Who Live at Leeds." Plus, more of those great old commercials (four-track stereo tape sale at Mad Man Muntz!). Legal eagles: I've been perusing the copyright laws to see if it's OK to post old radio broadcasts in this manner, and I'm assuming since the licensing was already paid once for the original broadcast, and this falls under archival/research purposes, and the relatively low quality of the recording doesn't take away from the "value" of the original records, I think this falls under the "fair use" doctrine. But let me know if I need to trim the music out (I'd rather not: listening to the full, unedited broadcasts really takes you back!).

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Copyrights generally have a "Shelf Life" of twoo years in the CLAIMED (protected/stored) mode befor one must register the work. When licensed ($11.00 fee paid and written or media copy submitted) it's good for twenty years and then must be renewed. A one-of or PRESENTATIONAL copyright can be claimed by an "imitator" which helps promote the original work. That's how genealogy, art and music gets shared, so to speak.

As a rule (albeit a loose one) anything more than 20 years old is with the exception of renewed and so stated copyrights, Public Domain.

(c)2005 Ron Wortham

Jimmy said...

Thanks, Ron. So does that mean we can claim this as a presentational copyright? (Happy to see you're visiting the page, by the way. I think your e-mails had a lot to do with reuniting this group lately.) said...

Glad to be here. We learn or perish.

The copyright law interpretation I just gave you is I BELIEVE more or less definitive. RARELY do station or publishers actually pay the $11.00 and register their work. They merely claim it (C) and date it
Like Marty, I found I had created a blog before I knew what I was doing.

Gotta bunch of audio clips and pics to contribute but don't know how to become a contributor yet.

Ya know what BOTHERS ME about all this?

YOU look like a young Dwight Tyndall

ANDY OLSON looks like a young Marty Manning.


Jimmy said...

Nice to be called a "young" anyone at 48! I believe I sent you an invitation to join the team as a contributor. I think if you respond to that, Blogger takes you through the steps (not sure, though). said...

Learning. This is not as easy as it looks, whippersnapper.