Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Compton on Kent State (excerpt)

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For the full 18-minute file of part 1 of Compton's July 4, 1970 broadcast, see "KCAC podcast, part 1" above.


bendoverinc said...

My favorite show on KCAC was Johnny D. with R&B Sunday nights.
Johnny D.

Jimmy said...

Yeah! Johnny D. rocked! (And still does!)

Marty said...

favorite R & B song .. "I'm just a crumb in your breadbox of love"
Ted Taylor

Marty said...

Hey I tried responding to Jimmy and wound up creating my own blog by accident


Wonderful Russ said...

I don't know if this can ever replace the group emails - that some people love to get and some don't. But I am willing to see. First, the best show on KDKB may have been, "R&B" with Johnny D". My most favorite time for that show was when Johnny D played the Al Green interview by Wonderful Russ. Now THAT was entertainment!

freespeak@gmail.com said...

Johnny D used my sound system once in 1996, outdoors in Papago Park. Now it is broken and I cannot help but wonder if those two events are related somehow.