Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Marty Manning - progressive still!

Be sure to check out Marty Manning's brand new blog. His first post is already a gem:
"My first experience with 'free-form' radio was listening to Bill do the KRUX Underground show on Saturday nites on KRUX 1360 AM. I literally couldn't get out of the car. I remember sitting in the car for hours at 7th Street & Pierce. 'Darkness, Darkness' by the Youngbloods grabbed me and wouldn't let me go."
His quick timeline brings us all the way up to satellite radio, about which he remarks:
"It'll take a while before it takes over, if it does at all, and that's a good thing for a guy who makes a living doing commercials. But it does make you wonder what Bill Compton would be doing now, 27 years after his untimely death. I think he'd be looking at satellite. And figuring out a way to do it better than anyone else."
For more from Marty, click here.

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