Friday, March 25, 2005

KCAC podcast, pt. 3

If you only download one part of this broadcast, this is the one to hear. In part 3 of Bill Compton's Fourth of July program from 1970, Bill boldly breaks the tone of the times by calling for compassion from both sides of the generation gap. He then spends eight minutes of air time reading the entire Declaration of Independence, and launches into one of his patented music collages, featuring parts of: "I Saw America" (Stone the Crows); "Mother Country" (John Stewart); "The Story of Issac" (Leonard Cohen); "The Great Mandela" (Theodore Bickell); "Monster" (Steppenwolf); "Freedom" (Michael Collins); Compton reading a quotation by Henry Ward Beecher; “Let’s Get Together” (Youngbloods); “Aquarious (Let The Sunshine In)” (Fifth Dimension). The last nine minutes of the collage, followed by Bill's closing commentary, will be here tomorrow. You won't want to miss that.

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