Friday, March 25, 2005

KCAC Article in Arizona Days & Ways

"I think we're more of a spiritual-force. KCAC is an exercise in freedom" - Bill Compton

KCAC in its day, did receive some press in the mainstream media. The above quote is from a great article I've had posted on my site, It's a story from the September 20, 1970 issue of Arizona Days & Ways (a magazine insert that used to come in the Sunday "Arizona Republic") This is just the part of the article that pertains to KCAC. Other stations profiled in the same article include KRIZ, KRUX, KOY & KTAR-FM. I thought it was such a great piece that I made sure I saved the paper that day. Here's the link:
KCAC Article in Arizona Days & Ways


Jimmy said...

Great article, Andy. I caught it the first time I visited Radio Free Phoenix, but it's nice to have a link to it here. Funny to think at one time Pat McMahon and Bill Compton were seen as competitors.

Liz Boyle said...

What an astute little radio geek you were to have saved the article all these years, Andy. You were like, 13, right ? Funny.

By the way....Thanks, Jimmy, for opening this up to the kids with their faces pressed against the glass.
To you esteemed elders up, and out there, (kinda like George Carlin, Jane Weidlin and Fee Waybill in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure....) I humbly curtsey.
Ron, you're a hoot ! said...

Well, thankee maa'm. You too, are most appreciated. Your show goes well with coffee.

To be called a "hoot" is a high honor. It would be a really dull world without hooters.