Thursday, March 01, 2007

Who Knew Half a Who Could Still Howl

Went to see The Who last night at the arena. Phenomenal show .. amazing how well they can still do it. I just had a big grin on my face all nite. And since my son Coleman could not go with me (he's in Maryland) I went online today and ordered a DVD copy of last night's show! Thery actually record each show and make it available online at They called it a "legal bootleg"
We've come a long way. In the intro to Baba O'Reilly (teenage wasteland) Pete said, "Hey you Woodstock people ought to have it nailed down by NOW" Fun stuff.

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Tom Wright said...

Fantastic! We should have a viewing party sometime. I saw the Who at the Coliseum in 1971 - anyone else remember that show? Townsend broke two guitars so he must have been having a good night. There's supposedly a tape of that show in circulation but I haven't heard it. "Bootleg the bootleggers" - I like it!