Sunday, March 25, 2007


SO YOU TAKE A BOX OF MATCHES, SEE... and you pass them all out at a concert. And somebody strikes one and lights the guy's next to him and WHOOOOSH... the whole place is on fire. That's how Limewire file sharing works. Any file. Especially music files. Smoke on the water.

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LimeWire Defiant in Face of RIAA Pressure
Despite being ordered to Cease & Desist and then sued by the RIAA, LimeWire is refusing to cave in to industry pressure and is prepared for a long fight. Installed on an amazing one-fifth of desktops worldwide, LimeWire ’s popularity has never been greater and in their battle against the RIAA, millions will be cheering them on.


Mariah Fleming said...

LIMEwire is obviously a LIVEwire!
Bravo! Lets support these folks!
Thanks for posting it, Ronco! As usual, you ROCK!

Mariah Fleming said...

Hey Ronco,
Thanks for posting the picture Ray Thomson sent to me...when I can talk again, I'm gonna call you and get a tutorial on posting photos. You're the best!

"Love Is All You Need."*
*wouldn't that be nice? is it true?

Anonymous said...

Can you guys post the names of people under the pictures you have on here? Like who are the people in the little picture in the top left corner, and the people standing next to Bill Compton outside (scroll down) This is an interesting site but many of us don't know and would like to know who is who that we are looking at and you are referring to in your reminiscences. Don't know about the reat of you but my memories for names from those days is scarce, voices on the radio, yeah, but names and faces no. Can you help?
Thanks for a great historical site said...

SOO000oooo ya want pictures eh? Dan Page has spent many hours creating just EXACTLY what you are looking for!

On the masthead to the left you will see an underlined link called KCAC Lives! Photo Album. Lots of pictures like the ones you mentioned from KCAC and into KDKB.

PEGI'S VAULT has early pictures of the KCAC "family" going back all the way to Dallas and even earlier. There is one in there of Bill Compton in his Elvis Mode. Serious.

Warning: You will come away with a strange sense of nostalgia mixed with Deja'Vu that will be hard to explain if you weren't born before 1950.


Lowell Hollars said...

About the one guy in the back of the photo under the KCAC Lives! banner; my guess is Spiro Agnew, and the photo is just pasted in of course (since it's so large compared to the others, plus the body looks drawn in). said...

YEP, That's ol' Spiro alright. Bet his wife would have a cow if she knew he was smokin' grass and messin' with all them young chicks!

That is one of two classic pics of the crew taken that day. I believe it was at the Camelback studios just a few months shy of the move to KDKB. Probably, the most famous of all the KCAC pics.


Tom Wright said...

Providing ID's for the photos is a good idea. Like, who are the people (other than Bill) in the "Starbrite" photo? Remember, some of us WEREN'T THERE... except on the other, non-visual side of the radio dial. As for the Spiro Agnew appearance in the photo at the top of the blog: the 11/14/70 tape of KCAC includes an ad (read by Bill) for a hippie store in Scottsdale that sold, among other novelties, Spiro Agnew doormats! How perfect is that?


Lowell Hollars said...

Was there someone else in the photo, where Spiro got pasted and drawn in?

Mariah Fleming said...

Did they REALLY sell Spiro Agnew doormats or was that a joke? If so does anyone have one? (Marty? Russ? Johnny D??) That's the beauty of the whole thing, we never knew for sure what was real!*

(*and we still don't, only now it's not funny at all and there's no place to listen to REAL people talk about it) )o: said...

Lowell - THAT is a really good question... made me pull out my magnifying glass that I used to use for genealogy work.

The Spiro Agnew cut/paste inset was a bit of whimsey that someone did but I too, do not know. Best bets for verification would be "Toot" (Carole Compton-Glenn) who was standing right next to him or possibly Marty Manning would remember.

I believe the pic was taken shortly before KDKB so there is a remote chance that ig MIGHT be Dwight Tindle incognito. I draw that conclusion because Spiro seems to be holding a chalice or champagne glass over the chick to his left - also cut/paste, as if in salute. There is a message there for sure.

I did a shift or two there at the Camelback studio but I don't believe that was me, by any means.

An enigma lost to time.


Lowell Hollars said...


Maybe that chalice that Spiro is holding is from Nixion's 1st inaugural address, "Our destiny offers, not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity...etc. etc." ?