Saturday, March 24, 2007


You too, Liz - and anyone like you!

It's the same old crap. Do ANYTHING creative and someone else is gonna suck it dry. Some constipated, self-righteous bureaucrat so full of themselves that the rest of us owe them an existence. ASCAP. BMI. RIAA. And that's just part of the team. You could add the politicians but that's not fair to other species.
What to do? What if we ALL became "illegal immigrants" and simply become dependent on The System. Just like the bureaucrats and politicians themselves? WHAT IF The Governed became so passive The System fails?

REAL Socialism!

Think not? Watch what happens between now and 2012.


But a ruling from an obscure, 3-person panel from the Library of Congress threatens the existence of Pandora, and every other internet radio service out there. The plan from the Copyright Royalty Board is to increase the fees to internet radio operators so high that they will effectively be out of business. Paying $.0008 a song might not sound much, but if you consider the millions of songs per day served up by Pandora alone, it becomes a very large bill indeed.


Mariah Fleming said...

Don't forget to read the post re: RIAA threatens students. It gives ya links to find out more and who to contact. The system sucks, but we are people, not sheeple. Aren't we?

Give 'em hell, they are doing some very 'baaaa'd things. The few count on the many being too fed up and demoralized to try anything. It takes a minute to check a link, send an email or make a phone call.

Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, remember?
YLOPE said...

THASS what I mean - Leary had it right!


There is hope if we play by THEIR rules and simply not participate in "real life" JUST LIKE THEY DO!

Damn... I gotta find me a victim to tax..... Hey Jose'!


Jeff Crawford said...

The Record industry feared NAPSTER and now it's YouTube / Google! with "fair use act" there is no copyright infringement.

Internet radio should be "free" with no fees. The big corporations know that they are trying to squeeze out any other voice or for that matter programming that may differ from there play lists.

Cable Access has been eliminated in Phoenix and most of the rest of the country. It WAS a a voice for "the people" not corporate commercialized cookie cutter bring television programming.

I think we had enough of's time to rebel against the system that pushes the listener, the television viewer or now the Internet (the last frontier) of "free speech"

Keep up a good fight! as has been said before "freedom is on the rise"

Peace out,
Jeff & Jennifer Crawford said...

What if we "fail" to recognize their existence? Treat them like they treat us - like they don't EXIST! i.e. Suppose we stop agreeing to the things/people/concepts that we disagree with?

DENIAL... that's the word I am looking for!


Mariah Fleming said...

Hmm, you've got me thinking. Guess it depends on what we DO while we are ignoring them. 'Cause unfortunately I don't think the old adage "Ignore it and it will go away" fits here. Except in the case of democracy. That's what THEY are ignoring and we can't afford to ignore.

"Democracy...Ignore It and It Will Go Away" If I had a bumper sticker factory I'd make that one. What about you? LOL.

Bruce Frank said...

I think democracy is highly over rated... Daa... its gang rule basicly and dam ideas like the world is round or you are god!... We are a [democratic] republic... we have individual rights... the government is given certain responsibility's and privileges and thats it... there are no group rights... and i realy resent them trying to make me conform, reform... or be a criminal!
I'm a free and sovereign individual and i respect other peoples rights just the same.
Bruce Frank
PS... i think Dylan said ..'it takes an honest man to live outside the law' and thats the kinda anarchistic community that will work... free and honest with individual rights observed and honored for all... without democracy rasing its ugly head!

Anonymous said...

"If I had a bumper sticker factory I'd make that one" :

Mine would be :

"One Drug at a Time"