Wednesday, March 28, 2007



To give credit where credit is overdue, I should mention that MOST of the pictures that I use to punctuate stories and articles I submit here, come from Wonderful Russ!

Russ doggedly and obsessively accumulates unusual articles, jokes and photos all over the Internet and relays them on, to a private mailing list - to which I subscribe. Sure it costs a lot but the occasional porno is worth it. The naughty pictures and jokes often brighten up my day. It would yours, too.

Russ will tell you "Business in the Real Estate industry is great!" But that's only true if you are selling cemetary plots or are part of an invading army in the middle east. Russ has a lot of time on his hands - and probably some other stuff, judging from the sexy pics.

At any rate you and all the other folks at the nursing home/dating service, deserve a good chuckle and/or tittilation (rhymes with "nation") each day. Prices vary according to your age, gender and ability to pay but it's usually far below the amount of your church tithe. Sure, it won't get you IN to Heaven but it will get you THERE. Then, you are on your own.

You can reach Russ at or just click here "Wonderful Russ"

I would suggest that you not beg unless you are female and have big boobs with a nice tan.


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