Friday, March 02, 2007

2 pages of "new" Chico Chism photos

Bob Corritore has posted 2 pages of additional photos of Chico Chism, check them out at the following URLs. There will also be a link to Page 2 at the bottom of the Page 1.

Bob said " Included are photos of Chico with Jimmy Rogers, Homesick James, Johnny Copeland, John Brim, Little Mack Simmons, Big Pete Pearson, Sam Taylor, Chief Schabuttie Gilliame, Chico at the Grand Canyon, and much more. These photos celebrate this great blues artist and friend who brought so much joy to the people who knew him."

In the photo above are Lynne Avril, Chico Chism, and Big Pete Pearson (from Bob's new Page 2)

Chico Chism-Page 1
Chico Chism-Page 2

The original page of photos of Chico are at the following URL.

Chico Chism-Original page

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