Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thank you for coming tonight - the reason I have called this meeting, is....

THIS YEAR WILL MARK the 30th anniversary of the accident that took the life of Bill Compton and almost - Kathy Radina. I remember sitting uselessly and helplessly with Nina Joy in Kathy's hospital room. There was nothing to be said and Nina said it eloquently.

If I remember correctly, it was the day before the Summer Solstice. Sad but somehow appropriate for Little Willy Sunshine.

In 1996 a bunch of us got together at Papago Park in the steamiest, scorchiest part of the year. I have always wondered how it is that we don't FEEL that. Must be a dry heat. That winter back in Texas, I repeated the hospital scene of 1977 with my wife somehow surviving the wreck that killed our 12-yeqr-old daughter, Summer.

At the 1996 reunion I met Wonderful Russ on the bridge over the Papago Park lake that night. We immediately hit it off and began sharing jokes and diatribes that have spilled over annoyingly to hundreds of email exchanges that finally resulted in the birth of the KCAC Lives! blog where it has taken on an element of class and group participation that has become a rallying media.

I miss Russ. He doesn't BLOG much. The Man You Love To Hate. The consumate salesman.The guy that somehow, seems like a telemarketer without a phone. A beloved antithesis of really, all we despise about America. Some people really DO hate him - and they don't KNOW why. He is THAT GOOD with his act.

THEREFORE I am going to publicly suggest that a reunion be held once again, at Papago Park or South Mountain or Alwun or any location that will acomodate a few hundred people, in honor of Bill Compton as near to The Solstice as is practical. It happens that Bill's sister Carole (Compton) Glenn has a birthday right around that time as well.

Kids, hippies and naked people welcome. Leave your ID and shirts at the door and let's find each other.

I will make a final, superhuman effort to attend and bring my family if possible. If not possible, I will come without them.

So that is my proposal ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming tonight, you will find a prospectus at the door next to the sleeping bags and the DVD's of the "2007 30th Anniversary Reunion" project are free.



Mariah Fleming said...

It was so great talking to you yesterday. Glad you posted something about your reunion idea on the blog already!! If it sounds good to everyone I will be very happy to contact Kim Moody to see about getting Alwun House for such a noted and wonderful memorial reunion.

And yes, Ron, you WERE there!! (o:

Respect4u said...

YES!!!! Anywhere.. Any Time... Count me in! Let me know what I can do to help.
Hey Ron.. Tell your family to make this your Father's Day present.
It'll be GREAT to have the physical you here along with your spirit this time.



Mariah Fleming said...

You said it, Sharon!

Bruce Frank said...

Oh yea... I'm there...
Bruce said...

THAT Makes the following Saturday the 23rd - as the most practical target date for the reunion.

Dan Covington has said that he will be here for his mother's birthday and boy is she going to be surprised that it's not in April anymore!

Fran Bennett said...

I'm there. Bill & the team launched me 37 years ago.

As the kids say nowadays, "Respect".

Tom Wright said...

Count me in! (But can someone please bring a couple of tons of ice and some industrial-size fans so we won't melt away in the heat?) I'll try to have all of the available tapes - including the extensive Crawford Cache, as I'm now calling it - digitized by then. Hope to see you all soon!