Monday, March 05, 2007

Attn: Mariah & Ron

Mariah -

For the reunion: what about indoors at the Alwun House, with patio access - best of both worlds? Or some other indoor/outdoor facility with a clubhouse-style interior but also a shaded patio, lots of tables and chairs, maybe access to a swimming pool? Larger public parks may have such places available, for a fee (Encanto Park, maybe?). The Desert Botanical Garden has a lovely place, perfect for parties, but it's probably pretty expensive (and it may already be booked up months in advance). There's also the Elias-Rodriquez House here in Tempe, a nice facility (no swimming pool, though) in an old 1880s house just off the ASU campus, owned by the City and rented out for special occasions. I could check on price, amenities, and scheduling. Any other ideas out there? Yeah, in theory we could put this off till it's cooler, but then it becomes too easy to keep putting it off until it never happens. Let's set a date and DO IT!



Glad you enjoyed the 1969 aircheck! A little slice of audio archaeology. Studying the past is just a form of time travel, my friend. Sometimes you'd rather not go there, but other times it can be a fine place to visit.


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Well, I like the anniversary sentimentality of the near-solstice date, plus the fact that Alwun is quite close to the accident site, if a bunch of us wanted to gather for a silent prayer there or whatever. Alwun is definitely a Kindred Spirit gathering place, too.

Swimming? Nothing like a lobster broil on the Salt River in my book, although I know it has all been obscenely commercialized since my day. Heck, If I ate enough mushrooms, I might not even need a tube.

I'll forward this dialogue over to Kim and see what the weekend of the solstice looks like for them..


Mariah Fleming said...

Hi Tom and Ron,
Sure! Check out some prices if you can!! The historic ASU place sounds neat. Encanto is pricey and generally WAY booked up.
I haven't contacted Kim yet so I don't know if your forward will make much sense to him...was waiting until se had a couple of dates in mind. But go ahead and explain it to him if you like. (o:
The more minds the merrier.