Tuesday, December 19, 2006

RFP-Arizona Music Showcase

I didn't live in Arizona back in the KCAC/early KDKB days, but I do enjoy reading this blog and also reading about the Valley music back in those early days. So for some unknown reason, I thought I would post a comment on this blog. The last two weekends I've been listening to Andy Olson on Radio Free Phoenix (RFP); Andy's introduced a new segment for December, called the "Arizona Music Showcase." During this program, Andy talks with Arizona musicians from the past and present, and it's been one of the more interesting formats I've listened to on RFP. The first week Andy talked with Frank Fafara who was a popular Phoenix singer/songwriter in the early '60's. You can read more about Frank at http://cdbaby.com/cd/frankfafara. Plus you can still listen to that program (or download) at RFP (and scroll to bottom), or by clicking on the above title. Photos of the '60's Frank, and today's Frank available at these sites.

This past weekend, Andy interviewed Jeff Hollie, see above photo from 2005 McDowell Mountain Music Festival (MMMF), who plays saxophone with the Jerry Riopelle band. You may have recently seen Jeff at the Jerry Riopelle 2005 New Years show at the Celebrity Theatre, or with the Jerry Riopelle band at the 2005 MMMF ). Jeff has been living in the Netherlands for the past 10 years or so. Andy Olson played songs from the many bands that Jeff has been in, plus a Frank Zappa song that Jeff also performed on. The most interesting song to me was the "Belly of the Whale" song Jeff did with the Burning Sensations (an LA band) in 1983. If anyone is interested, they can view a video of this song on YouTube at Belly of the Whale. You will catch only a glimpse of Jeff in this video playing the saxophone, but it's a great song, check it out.

On December 23/24, Andy will have The Earps as his guest; and on December 30/31 Jerry Riopelle will be the guest.

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Tom Wright said...

I remember Burning Sensations (I've still got their album, somewhere in my stacks of vinyl) and that song in particular. I think I used to hear it quite often on KSTM. I didn't know about the local connection, so thanks for the info, and I'll ddfinitely check out the video!