Friday, December 01, 2006

Hans Olson: Stronger Than The Devil

There's a new and promising Arizona video project called “AZ You Like It” that Stephen Michael Barnes and Uriel Jeremiah of Cinesilencia have been working on. As part of their project, they have produced a video documentary about Hans Olson. The new video documentary is part of a special TV project they are working on.

From the Producers: "Hans Olson: Stronger Than The Devil" is in high-definition format featuring local blues artist Hans Olson. It is presented here, as a sample of a proposed series of video documentaries called ‘AZ You Like It.’ The series will feature residents of Arizona who come from all walks of life. These individuals all share one common characteristic - passion. They each possess a love, a desire or a vision that drives them to perform and express themselves in remarkable ways. The series will showcase persons engaged in activities that are life affirming and which ultimately uphold a sense of community."

Lowell Hollars sent me the info about Olson's documentary. In Lowell's words: "I saw a great 25 minute documentary about Hans Olson on You Tube. It's 25 minutes long but well worth watching. The documentary was done in 2006. You may recognize that some of the musical scenes were filmed at Pranksters Too in Scottsdale. Stephen Michael Barnes and Uriel Jeremiah of Cinesilencia produced the video with Hans Olson. It's part of a special TV project they are working on. Cinesilencia uploaded the video to You Tube; Hans is aware that the documentary is on You Tube; I've talked with him about it."

Since Hans rarely toots his own horn his friends need to do it for him, and Lowell thought the KCAC blog might like to post it. Absolutely! Lowell says there are other Hans Olson videos on You Tube dating back to 1985. To view them on You Tube, just go to You Tube and type in a search for 'Hans Olson'

To view "Hans Olson: Stronger than the Devil"on You Tube here's the URL:

Thanks for the heads up, Lowell. And bravo to the "Az You Like It" fellas!


Lowell said...

In addition to the documentary video, there are two 1985 videos posted by Joel Samuel, and can be found at the following links, each is one song by Hans.

Blues Legend posted by Joel Samuel-Filmed in 1985

Bluesman Revisited posted by Joel Samuel-Filmed in 1985

The following two videos are also available, and were posted by Hans.

Lap Steel Guitar

50 Ups and 50 Downs (Harp solo)

Lowell said...

If anyone is interested in any other Joel Samuel old videos on YouTube, check out the following sites:

Dianna Lee

Walt Richardson

Jerry Riopelle (Celebrity Theatre)

Or just go to You Tube and do a search on Joel Samuel, he has lots of videos of Phoenix-area musicians

Mariah Fleming said...

Welcome aboard the KCAC Lives bus! Keep on writing! Great posts and thanks again for the video link to Hans...not to mention the other gems you posted.

"You're either on the bus or you're off the bus" from Tom Wolfe's "The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test" And you're officially On the Bus now, Lowell (o: