Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Great Little Song...


What a gas... John Robertson, up on Orcas Island, just sent me this tune by Greg Tamblyn - A Brief History of God, or G-String Theory. Check it out!



Bruce Frank said...

... and what a great little song... I've heard of the vibrating g-string theory, but this song kinda puts it in perspective... and it triggered another song, thats been going through my head since... help me out now y'all, I remember the lines....'struming my fate with his fingers... singing my life with his word... killing me softly with his song... Hey, just thought of the name of it...LOL Good song dan ,i like the humor of it too.

vagabondvet said...

Hey, Brother Bruce, wavin' a big hand atcha from the cold country up here in the high desert! Glad to share, thanks to Crazy John for passing it along! Thanks, John!

Peace on you all... an' a bushel o' joy, too.