Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Compton tape

From Tom Wright: “Thanks to Patrick Lange, we now have a "new" (previously uncirculated) tape of Bill Compton on the air at KCAC on November 14, 1970. It's an hour long and it includes music ranging from Judy Collins to the Mothers of Invention, along with several live-in-the-studio songs from Michael Collins. There are also some vintage commercials, one of which has Marty doing a remote broadcast from a clothing store and engaging in some pretty funny back-and-forth banter with Bill in the studio. Thank you, Patrick; and the rest of you, keep digging through those closets, attics, and garages - I know there's more out there!”

Begin by listening to these iTunes Music Store-style 30 second samplers (except each is over 30 seconds).

Compton on a Saturday Afternoon
Just hearing the voice of Bill Compton saying, “Weasles Ripped My Flesh” – worth the click at any price:

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Marty and Willie
“What are you trying to do, Marty?”
“I’m playing with your mind.”
“No, that’s not it. Phil Motta sent you.”
“Yes, he did! How did you know? I just got in from Columbia.”
And so the union of coolness and commerce begins:

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Then, listen to the entire one-hour show by clicking here:

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You can also open the playlist (including “bonus tracks”) in a new window here, or stream the whole show to your usual MP3 player, or download the one-hour show. To download the show plus 12 short “bonus tracks”, click here.

("That's a lot of stuff to remember, Marty. Listen, you better tell 'em when they get there.")


Tom Wright said...

Great job, Jimmy! This is a cool way to share stuff, and I hope we can do more of it soon!

The next archival miracle I'm working on is the three "Profile" shows that Compton did on KAET-TV here in 1974. I tracked down one of the original producers, and he's promised to look for the mising videotapes. I'll post any news (good or otherwise) on the blog as soon as I hear back from him.


Mariah Fleming said...

This is so fantastic! What a trip to sign on and download Bill and the set up the coolest stuff on this blog! And Tom, you're just downright priceless. Thanks guys!! You rock!(o:

Fran Bennett said...

The Bootlegger on 7th Avenue? Oh my gawd what a memory, Good grief!

Respect4u said...

In 2003, I came up with a means to assist others to help get ME back into my heart energy when my shadow side was out of control by making a simple hand gesture. (Class!!! No snickering! Sit up straight and pay attention! Class!!!) This evolved to a poem called Whoosh, and now Whoosh Heart:

Whoosh Heart

When you motion your hands
In the shape of a heart
Or the shape of Angel wings

If you think or say “Whoosh”
From your heart
You are sending love energy

To every person, place or thing
That you so desire
Wrapping them in endless love
And heartfully lifting them higher

Send a “Whoosh” near or far
Love truly knows no bounds
Secretly or right up front
Your goal will always be found

It’s a one word prayer
It’s a vibrational lift
It’s the remote control
For a positive shift

Think it, say it, or motion a heart
And bless everyone
As you practice the art
Of the “Whoosh”

© Sharon Elaine Porter

Oh life in the digital age!!!!
Hearing these old broadcasts again is a WHOOSH to the stratosphere! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Hey Marty... My mom's middle name was Isabel. Is it too late for her to collect her free male jeans from the Bootlegger?

Respect4u said...

Hey Marty... I had a cat named Gertrude, too!.. No joke....Wheeee... 2 pair!!!

Just enjoyed the whole hour broadcast ... twice!
Somebody PLEASE make sure Michael Collins hears this!

... Yep.... definitly a "Whoosh" to the stratosphere and back!
Thanks again Patrick, Tom and Jimmy. What a great Christmas present!